The rules for big profit with little effort

The laws which are actually “frames of thought” are based on the assumption that logic and intelligence are two different things. Reason is much more important. Logic is actually a way of thinking.

The connection between profit and wisdom is not that strong, there are really smart people who don’t know how to earn, money or personal profit, because in order to earn you have to focus on profit and that’s what the laws will help you and us. These rules have been built for me over the years without me defining them. Now I have defined them and thought about them to maximize your profit.

My profit is if you profit. It’s only me who can define it, it’s my profit.

“I saw” law

This is the most critical law in any free thought.

What we saw, heard or felt cannot be taken away from us. The user uses his sight, so also what I see, hear, feel, smell based on observation is the truth for me. It’s your world and it’s yours, you have the freedom to think.

Darwin built a career out of this law

In the 1830s, Charles Darwin traveled on the HMS Beagle as a naturalist. His journey took him to many diverse environments, including the unique Galapagos Islands. There he observed related but distinct species, such as turtles and finches, each adapted to its particular island. Intrigued by the variations, he learned more about different species and their environments at home. These observations led him to propose the theory of natural selection, which proposes that species evolve over generations through adaptations beneficial to survival. Thus, Darwin’s keen observational skills played a central role in shaping his understanding of evolution.

Darwin was one of the greatest free thinkers ever.

Trust yourself, even if you are crazy

This is the most important law in free thought. It is your senses that should bring you clues for the next hunt. The sense of sight is the most critical, not just a huge part of our brain is busy deciphering what we see. The beauty of the observation is that it is unique to you many times.

What do you see with your eyes? This is where the solution begins. Do you have personal experience with the question or problem? If you are not crazy, it can be assumed that this is the safest thing for you, use what you see, hear, etc.

why the hell

Most things that happen have a reason. So when you ask why? Practice understanding the reason for things. Not everything has a reason so you should be careful about it sometimes the result is random or unsolvable and sometimes you shouldn’t linger there but keep moving forward.

When someone says something try to understand with what desire he says it, where he heard about it and what motivates him to say it, in short always look for a reason and “raise” a level to look at things from above.

In a conversation or debate it is important to get to the real root of the arguments on the other side. We constantly practiced checking the reason for things, but remember that there are things for which we find the reason, some we don’t, and some we find it after we’ve already forgotten that we were even looking 🙂

Law “My profit!”

The profit is in every field and not only financial.

super interested

Do I have a profit from the action I will perform and what is the risk?

This is a question you should always ask yourself. Yes, it means being self-interested. super interested. For an example I encountered, a friend asked me whether to study to be a flight attendant or a nurse. Studying a nurse will cost one hundred thousand dollars for three years and is paid twice as much as a pilot. Obviously it’s worth investing a little more money in studies, three years to learn to be a nurse and then forty years to earn double without any real risk. She considered becoming a pilot only because the studies are cheap. Her profit in thirty years of work was easily over a million dollars. A little free thought here changed her life!

Free thought is a practical outlook on life. If there is no gain from my decision or action, it is not true free thought.

I was failed, I did not fail

What to do with failure, rejection or tragedy? Earn from them!

Take two people who have experienced the same failure in something – one will be highly motivated to overcome the obstacle and the other will break down and leave with his head down. I estimate that the distribution of the population is 10% of the first type and 90% of the second type. It is not related to their intelligence but only to each person’s method of dealing with an event. Statistics show that the most successful people in the world know how to understand and get motivated by failures, rejections or tragedies.

+It is better to go back and reorganize before deciding to abandon.

+ In your request, make sure you are in the right audience, explain why you are asking for it, and state the reservations. Use “I” and not “you”. It is important to get out of the rejection with new information or a reference to another source that might agree to the request.

+Learn from the event about the right way to “attack” again or decide to abandon. Understand exactly what caused the other party to reject and the like.

+ When you are in the event it is better not to make decisions because they are probably with a lot of emotion.

+Thinking that this event is excellent and how to make a profit from it.

+ It is critical to know when to give up and move on. To do it right it is better to think outside the event without emotion. We don’t like to close losing positions but in many cases it is the right thing and it is what characterizes successful people.

+Read the book Rejection Proof by Jia Jiang. His lecture at Ted .

+The constant search for opportunities improves our abilities even though along the way we suffer failures and rejections.

+Rejection or failure or trauma is what we make of it – positive or negative. use them for motivation and fuel for progress.

+Successful people often retreat and do not give up, looking for a new way to win.

+ When you are the requested party, be patient, direct and come up with an alternative. For example: “I don’t invest in startups, but my friend might be interested in it. By the way, I would change the name of the company to…

law “do not believe”

I believe in myself.

Humans love freedom and thrive in freedom, and at the same time freedom of thought is no less important but it is so hidden! Therefore, when approaching a certain issue, start from 0 wrong or unfounded assumptions when approaching a certain issue, this is the only way to solve complicated problems, simply – by free thought. When you are told “something” think about whether the opposite is true. The fact that everyone is doing something does not mean that it is true. It just means that everyone is doing it.

Take only this

And if you don’t take anything from here, at least take this law which is the essence of free thought – we grew into patterns and laws planted in us by our parents, and others came from the environment in which we lived without giving them a thought – whether they are true or not – check every opinion or assumption Yours again.

A small house with a big heart

A few things when you exercise free thought with a little research you come to them: “A small house is better than a large lot,” “Technology does not improve the quality of life,” “Few change one’s mind even though it is good to change one’s mind,” “Breathe through the nose day and night.” “Invest only in ETFs for many years”, “A trial should take a week and not years”, “What should be done to increase my chances of making money” (answer in the following law-tool) “Everyone has an area in which they can win”, “The food Affects every area of our lives and we don’t eat right”, “cow’s milk is not suitable for humans, goat’s milk is”.

Law “You are the bulldozer!”

To earn and no matter what field we need to feel progress.

If you are studying for a calculus test, every question you do you should feel progress, like a bulldozer moving slowly, constantly feel progress. If there is no progress, you will understand what is holding back the progress.

When you are doing a project and something is not moving, you will react and understand what is not working there. Time does not advance things, only you.

When we built the backgammon software I wanted every day to see progress on the website, the server and everything that had to do with the company. When there was no progress, I went and saw what was holding me back. In short, you are the bulldozer and only you.

The Law of “Primitive Man”

To behave as the ancient humans behaved in nature, as far as possible, and also here to copy and improve. Why copy them? In many ways they were happier and healthier than us.

Our body and mind have adapted and adjusted to this way of life! Trying to beat nature with technology, medicines, magicians, salves, miracle herbs, knowledge and juices is usually destined for failure.

Whoever “designed” nature did not want to give humans the opportunity to surpass it.

When you see a health problem and wonder if it’s genes or the environment, most likely it’s the environment, that is, our food, behavior or way of life that doesn’t match how we were built.


A. In ancient times, traumas and unpleasant events were repressed and not explored like the new psychology. From an evolutionary point of view, it seems logical that we were built to move on and not continue to dwell on the past and feel sorry for ourselves. Is talking about the past and remembering difficult events more a matter of what is socially acceptable and not really what should be done? It seems logical that it is better to repress and not dig into the past but only learn from it. We have a natural mechanism to forget the past and move on. In childbirth it works well in women.

B. Ancient humans breathed through their noses at all hours of the day, even when walking and jogging without straining. The importance of breathing through the nose is hardly studied and inhalers and new drugs are preferred.

“row to touch” law


Striving for contact, according to the IDF definition, is carried out when a force that is ready for combat, in an ambush or on the move, detects an enemy, reduces range and attacks him. Bottom line, I am in a situation where I can observe, see or hear the enemy, and then I have to deal with him .

In the Israeli army it has great significance in the war against terrorists and terrorists. I can understand where this comes from, it often gives an advantage when your enemy thinks you are going to attack him, he seems to enter escape mode, come to understand that the Israeli soldier is determined until the last moment.

A beautiful frame in your head

So far the beautiful story that brings me out as if I were fighting. Now frame it because it is critical, framing is an important law for free thought. You will take this principle, this framework, to all the problems and tasks in the company you work for and want to move forward, or you just established it a week ago.

When I framed it, I imagine things that are scary, instead of running away and refusing to attack them. If the Israeli soldier is not afraid of terrorists there will be almost zero problems and crises.

When you strive to get in touch with a business or engineering problem or task, you take the first step that is so difficult sometimes, you receive initial information. You show the problem, the people around you and especially yourself that you are not afraid and can solve the matter, and this is the critical part in striving for contact. It’s a “I came and I’m going to go through this until it’s resolved” statement. Even when someone asks you for something, sign the contact in front of them with “Done.”

issue in jumps to the enemy

“I reached for contact” With the desire to issue Plus500, I sent a talented but inexperienced accountant to knock on doors in London, to reach for contact. The truth is that the first and second banks rejected us, but through them we reached other banks. In the end we succeeded, because we pushed for contact, even though we were inexperienced. Any problem or any desire is worth reaching out to.

An example of this is that many times engineers entertain themselves with the solution of the problem facing them instead of trying to come into contact with it and not go round and round.

There was an argument that it was not worth making virtual money in a trading application, instead of going around the problem, we simply made two groups to see where the company has more profit, when there is no option at all or when there is an option for virtual money, we received a clear answer that there is a financial advantage to giving an option for virtual money as well, we made contact with the problem.

Boom is what I want

In conversations with me, people are often surprised by the directness. For example “I want to appear at the top of the site one year with our advertisement” we will pay you X., without too much talk or flattery, striving for this contact also without wasting too much time.

Sometimes it also required sophistication to reach a certain CEO with an email titled “This is the 15th time I’ve tried to reach you”, even though it was the first time, I wanted to make contact. The difficulty is not to offend and to understand who is standing in front of you, arrogant or humble, what is their interest.

the “lion” law

The lion wants to lie in the shade and have everyone work for him.

Yes, people want to work easy in a fun laziness, and if you turn up your nose because of the beauty, well then fine, have a crooked nose.

I found myself always preferring a plastic plate at home, and now that I was in the middle of this section I understood why. A light plastic plate and I have no desire for a heavy glass plate, there is no sophistication here, only the essence of the law.Easy to work with maximum comfort.

It is to always think in terms of minimal effort for the greatest profit.

The law of convenience in this relates to the formula of the book “Big profit with little effort” because that is what motivated me all these years, probably a little more than others.

Now take this law and benefit from it in business, on a personal level as well as on a state level, assume that people want comfort with little effort. Combine the law of convenience with the “law of habits” and you got a neutron bomb.

If you want the kids to eat an apple, just put it where they are most of the time. You want to read a book, put it next to your bed or wherever you sit regardless. May the habit begin effortlessly.

Humans, like all creatures, are generally wired to seek efficiency and avoid unnecessary effort – this is sometimes referred to as the “law of least effort”. This tendency probably evolved as a survival mechanism: in environments where resources (such as food) were scarce, our ancestors would have been better off if they could satisfy their needs while expending as little energy as possible. This way, they can save energy for critical functions like staying warm and healing from injuries.

In the modern world this translates into a preference for solutions that make our lives easier or more efficient. We appreciate technologies, services and products that save us time and effort because they free us to focus on other things that are important to us, like spending time with loved ones or pursuing hobbies.

the “24 second” rule

At Plus500 we had a rule between the guys, we called it the 24 second rule, the idea was that what can be done right now in 24 seconds is done right now, it could be an important conversation or a decision, or the recruitment of a significant employee that needs to be closed. Don’t postpone anything that can be done right now. When I was CEO and people would come up to me and ask “When can I talk to you?” The answer was almost always “I’m using the 24 second rule, talk!”. Of course sometimes it had to be estimated for 24 minutes or 24 hours and God forbid we didn’t last 24 days, and I was born impatient.

Even in my personal life, something I learned from my mother, small or big things that can be done right now, I just do them and don’t put them off. This has a great advantage for finishing tasks, because tasks we start have a much greater tendency to finish them, and yes I don’t like abandoning tasks or leaving something in the middle. Sometimes while talking to people they say all kinds of things, and then I carry it out while talking.

I think this is one of the most important laws in life, we educate our children this way, it’s not easy because there is a tendency to postpone tasks, but things get done and progress when you don’t neglect things.

I receive a call and in the conversation there is a dramatic voice that says, “Regarding my work at Plus500, I wanted to set up a conversation with you,” my answer of course is “My words!”, this is a tool that I also work with in my personal life, a small or big thing that can be closed now, I will close or start it Now, just like this bit, I remembered I should add it. The 24 second rule works!

A friend wrote to me when he read this section: “When I visited you at Plus500 there was some small thing that needed to be done and you just did it yourself and I asked why not pass it on to someone else? And you said the rule of 24, do you know it? It will take me longer to explain the task than to do it myself. It really resonated with me and I used it a lot after that, probably hundreds of times. A great law in short!!!’

the “bear” law

When a bear is running after you and your friend, you just have to run faster than the friend. You don’t have to run faster than the bear. Your location is what matters.

The tool basically says – always think where to stand by the good odds to win. Position the “chess board” that is your life so that you have a good chance to win, your position in life is the most important thing to take advantage of good luck that sometimes comes, only with thorough and smart work do you become lucky.

Suppose they tell you that Aharon Barak is responsible for the mess with the High Court of Justice. You have calculated and come to this that the chance that an educated person with such a glorious past will conspire to destroy a country is one in a thousand. Now someone else is telling you that the mess with the High Court is because there is no legislative body for fundamental laws or laws governing the structure of government. You thought the chance of that was one in three.

You should get the second opinion of course. Remember that there is almost never one to one, meaning one hundred percent. When choosing a profession, for example, statistical life is very important, for example: if the finance professions bring in an average of 20,000 NIS a month and the design professions bring in 4,000 NIS a month, when you choose to study or work in a finance profession, you are already at a (starting point) ) better than – 20 thousand NIS. If on average someone who starts a company makes NIS 1 million a month, then that’s even better. A law applies to everything in life, here it is an example of money, but it can be applied to health, choosing a partner or sports.

And on the question of how to maximize my chances of making money? Build a plan that will consist of as many good percentages as possible. Specializing in a profession that few people can engage in, for example: Ai development – which requires both development knowledge and mathematics and knowledge of Ai, in a field where there is a lot of money to begin with such as the stock market or gambling site operators. That way, we will have a good success rate developing Ai for stock market activity, with priority for opening a company in the field. This is just an example, so don’t go crazy.

Even in nutrition, a good statistical base means being on the right side of the food bet, read about it in free nutrition .

the “parrot” law

Copying and improving existing successful ideas and things is in most cases better than reinventing the wheel.

The well-known parrot that waits for others, we will also benefit but we will not copy a fool, but we will improve and cut only the successful ones,

When you take something and improve it, it is already yours from that moment, the profit comes to you.

From a probabilistic point of view it is much smarter than inventing something new.

This is exactly how we built Plus500, we saw a good business model in a company in London, we copied and improved it. From all walks of life it is a critical tool, when you see someone successful it’s worth understanding how they did it. When you see a successful service it’s worth copying and improving it for a new company. The chances of success increase as you practice and improve.From a probabilistic point of view it makes perfect sense and when you think about it this way, evolution created man – from ashes – what actually works, then gets copied and improved, and what doesn’t – dies.

“Crocodile” Law

Patience is the name of the game, wait for the prey to arrive and then pounce on it.

He sometimes waits there for weeks until the prey comes, but when the prey arrives, he pounces on it.

Good things rarely come, so you have to be patient, very patient.

A few times a year or even years there are good investment opportunities. The mediocre things you get all the time, you have to learn to filter.

A good example is in investments, a few times a year or even years there are good investment opportunities in the capital market. Another example of implementing an idea, it is better to wait until you feel confident and then implement it and not go for the first idea.

When choosing the activity, it is better to think about the long term. Choosing the right path between long-term laziness, you should resist laziness and go for the long term. For example, to read theoretical books written by smart people with receipts is to think about the long term in your free time.

the “problem” law

Treating the problem is a thousand times more important than treating the symptom. It is also in personal life when your child does not clear his plate and in business.

When you do the same thing many times – it’s a method. The problem is the problem, not the symptom.

Gef Bezos, who built the company that changed the way people shop, said this powerful sentence: “You don’t fix the symptom, you fix the problem that caused the symptom – and this is the secret of Amazon’s success in the last 20 years” – 12:33 on this YouTube . Later in the video at 29:30 Bezos tells why it is worth traveling in space to get minerals, it shows that not every human being is right in everything and one must doubt. By exercising free thought, we realize that it is better to protect our planet than to look for minerals in other planets. A mistake that Elon Musk makes with the vision of spaceX. Most of the time we are not aware that a method is behind our actions.

Look for the right method for the long term and not a temporary solution.

Many times people confuse method with intelligence. Einstein found a unique way of thinking through thought experiments. His way was no less a method than a general intelligence, and of course investing a lot of time into solutions.

In business and companies, you see that one method invented many years ago can make the business prosper for years. In everything you do, there is a method hidden behind why you do it. The question is: is this the right method? A better method than guessing and increases the chance of the correct action instead of relying on luck.

When looking for a solution to a mess at home, one must first understand why it is messy instead of looking for someone to fix it.

Examples of methods:

  • The way Messi dribbles the ball.
  • The form of government in Israel.
  • The way you greet someone you meet.
  • The way you think about issues.
  • The way to free thinking is actually a way of thinking.
  • Singing beautifully is a method and not genes, anyone can sing with training of the right method.

the law of “balance”

The entire life system in our body is built on homeostasis, meaning balance, and this is true for many other areas of life (note that I applied Law 10 – I took a model from the human body for behavior).

Example of balance:

Knowing when to give up and when to “never give up” is the ability to balance and is critical to success in business, in relationships and in life in general.

You can look at a waiver like a sale, it’s hard for us to sell because of the ownership bias. On the other hand, when the value of a company we estimate is less than the current price, we need to know how to give up and sell.

the “spiral” law

It is not possible to come up with the product, service or personal ability you want in the first blow. It just doesn’t work that way. In the spiral law we imitate evolution, slow and continuous changes.

This law when it’s important I’m going to dig you up on the name only in the next paragraph:

“Iteratively” – this signifies doing something repeatedly with the intention of achieving improvement or progress.

“In cyclical progression” – this suggests a continuous process where each cycle builds on the previous one, similar to the expanding circles of a spiral.

“In a progressive loop” – this term can be used to suggest a process that keeps returning to its starting point, but each time at a more advanced level.

“In a cumulative cycle” – this phrase suggests that each cycle or round gradually adds to what was achieved before.

“In gradual escalation” – this expression can denote a process in which each step or cycle brings things to a higher level or intensity, similar to the increasing radius of a spiral.

“In an expanding circle” – this indicates that each ‘circle’ or cycle of the process is larger or more advanced than the last, similar to increasing circles in a spiral.

In everything I did I always used this important tool. It solves two big issues, one it draws you and the team into the project because there is something tangible, and secondly it starts the most important cycle of feedback, building, feedback, building which is the process that simulates evolution itself.

Google also started with a small line of code.

Start the task with something small that you can already be impressed by, that way it will be difficult for you to detach from it if there is something good in it.

Always finish large or small tasks at least one round of the spiral. Setting yourself a task and doing it partially is a bit like lying to yourself. Small tasks are critical because from them we get used to finishing and enjoying the finish. Tasks you received and said you would do – do them. Don’t lie to others and not to yourself because it has a huge impact on how your life will look. You can practice it in daily tasks that you write down for yourself – just make sure that they are all done.

Note that losers will usually answer you with an excuse, do me a favor, be winners not losers.

the “order” law

Sorting and organizing often solves all matters alone.

To think and plan we need order and organization. It’s the essence of Homo sapiens to plan ahead moves. To plan we need to know what to arrange and what to organize. Teach yourself to simplify and organize all the time otherwise it gets complicated and messy.

First put an aesthetic order around you and in your home and then put all your tasks in order. It is good to do great things out of order.

Without an investment of energy, things will not happen and will go and get messy. And if we don’t simplify them – they will get involved.

Things always tend to get complicated without investing energy, it’s worth investing energy to simplify and organize. It’s just like entropy in physics.

Order helps the intelligence to work correctly because the information is easily accessible.

As a private person so that our tasks are organized and also if you are a business it always pays to hire people to arrange the numbers and other things for us.

It’s not just that the richest countries in the world are also the most orderly in the world: Nordics, Canada and the USA. The same is true for business companies and armies. Order gives strength.

Sigol Law “Habits”

One of the most critical tools. Habits build character and change who you are little by little, when you do the same thing many times, it’s a method.

Regular habits are the only way to move forward in small steps. The only way to succeed is to move forward in small steps. Therefore, as in the question from psychometricians, the only way to succeed is through regular habits. That is, regular habits are the only way to improve the index of prosperity in your life that I call success.

A habit is actually repeating something many times and when it’s something that gives you profit, it’s really good.

“A star is born” law

When there is a question whether it is genes or whether it is the environment, it is much better to bet that it is the environment that is responsible for the way we act and not the genes. In character and physical characteristics such as height, face shape, it is often genes, but in other things it is the environment and our life path. Bottom line everything was up to us. If your ankle hurts while running, don’t blame your genes, it’s something you’re doing wrong.

“Hathanak” law

Modesty, kindness, do not speak ill of others, do not snitch, do not betray, be honest and love your neighbor as yourself. They are not only good at the individual level, they cause everyone’s prosperity. In my interpretation of the Bible I used free thought and I am writing here because this is my interpretation of the Bible – an attempt to do my justice.


Mathematics is like a second intelligence because a good part of reality can be described by mathematics. Here you will find the most important things to understand. This article will seem trivial to many people but to many others it is important.

Calculations of approx

For most calculations it is enough to know approximately the result and not the exact result, it helps when there is not much time or a calculator around.

Each working day costs NIS 217. How much will the work cost in a year – it is enough to calculate 200*350 which is 2*3.5 plus 4 zeros = approximately 70 thousand NIS.


Percentages help us think without the original quantities and are therefore so memorable. Try to think about what is possible in the framework of percentages.

Income tax is 23%.

20% of the apples are thrown away at the end of the harvest.


One of the things that contribute most to understanding reality is understanding the basic formulas of probability. By understanding them, you can make a profit in investments, gambling and in general to understand what the possibilities of reality are to develop. You will learn to work with the following formulas in thinking as well as on a page.

  • The basis: the probability of 4 out of 100 is 4% that the train will arrive on time. It doesn’t say when the train will arrive! It just means that on average out of 100 “train arrivals” it will arrive on time in 4 of them. It is also possible that in the next 300 arrivals she will be late.
  • The most important formula to reach a chance in a certain way – doubling the probabilities of reaching the result! If you start a company, you have 30% to find a good team, 50% to succeed in technological development and 40% to succeed in marketing – the chance of having a nice company is the multiplication of all probabilities: 0.3*0.5*0.4 = 0.06 that is 6%.
  • In a fixed pack of cards, if you want to draw an ace – it doesn’t matter which cards were randomly drawn from the pack before the selection.
  • Understanding that there is no memory of probability if there is no dependence – if the roulette comes out red three times, it has nothing to do with the next color that came out in the roulette.
  • To imagine what can be done with probabilities, you can think small like me and start Plus500 or think big and start ChatBotGPT – an OpenAI company – its basis and the beginning of the “spiral” (initial product and its constant progress and improvement) is the ability to predict the next word in a sentence. It always starts with a small step that is often a secret but everything is built on it. Companies that build AI without this secret will have a hard time building competing products. When you ask something, see how the answer is always word after word, it’s not just because we also think like that and don’t think in a complete sentence.


In finance, the ratios are very important, not the exact number. In many places to know how to predict the quality of things when not comparing them to other things according to relationships.

For example: company quality is the ratio of the profit scheme in the last 6 years to the market value.

Google sheet and Excel

Working with them will improve your decision-making ability both because all the information will be laid out in front of you and because it will encourage you to use relationships and mathematical operations.


וָה֗רֶצ הָֽיְת֥ה ת֨הו֙ וָ֔הו וָ֖שַךְ אַל-פְּ֣י ת֑֑ומ; Where were you, in the foundation of the land? Hagad, if you knew she understood.

Physics is meant to describe phenomena we witness in laws and formulas. A basic physical understanding is very helpful for free thinking because physical models can be taken to many fields.

By exercising free thought about physics, it is possible to arrive at correct assumptions with a high probability. Everything you will read here is betting with high probabilities and nothing more. All assumptions below are based on 1+1 math with logic.This is not a scientific article or pretends to be one, it just shows free thinking about physics.

The universe is finite

It is very easy to think and bet on the assumption that the universe is finite because there is nothing infinite in nature. That’s why we will continue to use this model and conclude our hypothesis that it is wrong to bet on a model that cannot be known if it works in other places, and infinite things currently have not been proven or observed.

  • There are no infinite things in nature.
  • The universe is finite and therefore such a thought experiment: when we go in a certain direction in the end we will return to the same point where we are now otherwise the universe is infinite.

The big bang and the hypothesis of when the next bang will be

According to the researchers, these are the conclusions from the observations:

  • 13.7 billion years ago was the big bang.
  • 5 billion years ago the universe began to expand rapidly. Wikipedia .
  • From the big bang until 5 billion years ago the universe expanded at a rate (opposite of acceleration)
  • Nature is cyclical almost everywhere we look. Everything has a life cycle. A good assumption would be that the universe also has a life time that is one big bang to the other.

From the points above, as well as from the assumption that the universe is finite (and therefore returning to the same point), it can be concluded that we passed the midpoint approximately 5 billion years ago. That is, what causes the acceleration of the expansion of the universe is the attraction of the matter in the universe to itself.

From here you can calculate:

The time from bang to bang [ 13.7 minus 5 ] * 2 = 17.4 billion years

The time from today to the next bang (back to point) = 17.4 minus 13.7 = 3.7 billion years

Time is discrete

  • From the assumptions that there are no continuous things in nature and no infinity, it can be understood that there is a small unit of time less than which you reach time 0 where time does not move.
  • The smallest time unit is constant.

From the point above we understand that we move like in frames on television or in jumps actually. We don’t move continuously.

An explanation for the limitation of the speed of light

We know from observations and from Einstein’s theory of relativity :

  • It is impossible to exceed the speed of light, which is 300,000 km per second.
  • When a body increases speed relative to another body, time passes more slowly for it.

An explanation that the human brain can understand for these two phenomena, as well as for the fact that time is discrete, is that there are some kind of update waves everywhere in the universe that update the position of every substance in the universe.

The speed of the update waves is exactly the speed of light 300 thousand km per second.

  • As we move forward with the update waves our time passes more slowly due to the Doppler effect.
  • The update waves cause the movement in the universe to be like frames and the space to be smeared along the update line because the update is not simultaneous in the whole universe.
  • If matter moves close to the speed of light, its time almost stops because update waves cannot reach it.
  • The speed of light itself has no mass because there is no impact of update waves.
  • The speed of light is limited by something fundamental in the universe that is beyond the speed of light, because gravitational waves are also limited to the speed of light. That is, both gravitational waves and light are limited to the same speed. This is an excellent explanation that there are update waves in the universe.

There is no proof of update waves, but it will be possible to show that there are update waves if they show whether the direction of the speed has a significance for time and not just the magnitude of the speed.

Of course it’s an informed bet, I didn’t think of an experiment that would prove it. In the meantime, it’s just a free thought that proves it to me.

Extraterrestrial life

My bet is that there is no extraterrestrial intelligent life for the following reasons:

  • where are they? They had a good few billion years to evolve and get here.
  • When you return to evolution and reach organisms that are almost only dna, it can be assumed that life began on Earth and was not implanted by a meteorite or the like. It is recommended to read Seven Clues to the Origin of Life.
  • Moon, magnetic field, distance from the sun, Jupiter to prevent meteorite impact, water, mass extinctions and 3.5 billion years of evolution for mammals show that the probability is very small.
  • When you look up at the stars there is a feeling that the one who put us here wanted us to stay on earth. There is a great void and unimaginable distances.

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