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חַדֵּ֥שׁ יָמֵ֖ינוּ כְּקֶֽדֶם
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daily life

Yes, a little effort big health

In relationships there is the greatest profit

Being at an appropriate weight is not the amount of food

Technology no, cultural yes

A child with meaning

A house without temptations for a huge profit

It’s a shame that doctors don’t profit from excavations

Why is it dangerous to listen to dietitians?

Plants and vegetables are trying to kill you!

A hidden disease that starts at different ages

How did the Indians have white teeth without Colgate


Basic instinct is beautiful

Bread with chocolate is more dangerous than the rain

Give us something perfect

Can you beat nature?

Who has the burden of proof?

Don’t be a shoe

Earn from the millions

A headache is a headache

The oldest profession in the world is not prostitution

Hello, hello, Ganim

Someone “fucking” will take responsibility

A small hint of the link between carbohydrates and cancer

Popeye was wrong

The big secret

Hives, heartburn, irritable bowel and everything in between

Exposure to cold and a cold shower

Breathe through the nose always and when angry

Water is the juice of nature

Mental junk food for the soul?

Which is not natural to stay far away

Sleeping Beauty does not snore

Invert from Lagor – minimalism

If you know how to be healthy, why don’t you do it?

Diabetes is a disease of dieticians and doctors

Argue like dancers and not like donkeys

Repressing is good

Why don’t football players go bald?

Who will gain and who will lose from our health

Natural medicine is not food

The equalizer of human nature

I saw a dream

A revolution in the healthcare system

Why most doctors do not improve

For back, neck, knees there is one solution that treats the problem

The poop test

Do nutritional supplements add to me?

The chemistry of weight loss

function improvement

Yes, a little effort big health

The great mistake of humanity is due to the mismatch between how humans were shaped in the millions of years of evolution and how the modern way of life is structured, which pushes for short-term rewards. The great magic is in combining the good things from modernization to ancient life. And the most important thing, as before, is your tribe, who you go “hunting” with.

If you think like I did that daily running and food that is considered “healthy” will make you healthy, you are wrong like I was wrong, and I will try to prevent you from my mistake.

The thing that most affects health is the food we eat, here you will read about a free diet . The truth is that it’s not accurate because relationships are more important to our health, but we’ll ignore that for now. Unlike other things, food enters us in large quantities and is therefore the most important factor in health, more than sports, more than our genes, more than luck. Here I have summarized what to eat and what not to eat . If you don’t eat right all other health problems are a symptom and not the problem. It will change your life. If I had to say what would give you an immediate and unexpected effect it would be to completely avoid wheat products. There is a substance in wheat that disrupts the metabolism.

Bottom Line The food that is not suitable for humans causes most of the health problems in the world and in exactly the same way improper movement [walking and running] and improper posture [standing, sitting and lying down] cause most of the other problems. Our bodies were built for movement and specific food in our millions of years of evolution and modernization has ignored this.

In relationships there is the greatest profit

One study that explains everything

There are things that seem obvious but only when someone tells you them, it’s hard to reach them alone. This is exactly what happened to me, and it quite surprised me when I came across this Harvard study , they followed people for decades and came to the conclusion that the thing that most affects our health and also our happiness is our relationships. The biggest in the research that asked the people about themselves in their present and not in the past, it is the most comprehensive and longest research done on people on the planet.

You don’t always have to listen to research, but this research is very much worth listening to because it is from a very prestigious and reliable place and also because it fits perfectly with what I have seen in others and also with a lot of evolutionary logic. Evolution has selected the people who know how to maintain personal relationships and rewards them with better health and happiness.

You are not born with the value of relationships

Financial profit is a basic instinct, you don’t have to learn it, you have to learn to think about my profit in every decision, but not only about the financial profit.

What was hidden from my eyes all these years, when I thought that financial gain was the highest goal, but these are relationships. I would have made some different decisions if I had realized this point earlier. This is all types of relationships: family, romantic, friendship and business.

Once you realize that there is a hidden profit here, you can easily invest in long-term relationships. This should be a consideration in any decision or activity.

to continue “hunting” with friends

Whatever you are doing today with friends, keep doing it. It used to be “hunting” but today it can be anything.

Being at an appropriate weight is not the amount of food

Unbelievable how the body balances everything

The balance or as the sages say “homeostasis” in the human body is essential for maintaining a stable internal environment, which allows cells and organs to function optimally. Do not break here, keep reading until the end of the section because there is a punch. Key aspects of homeostasis include, among others, blood sugar, water balance, nitrogen levels, oxygen, carbon dioxide and blood pressure and many other things that if not in balance the body will deteriorate and die, sometimes it will take years in the case of sugar and sometimes minutes in the case of salts.

Blood sugar, or glucose, is the main source of energy for cells. The body regulates glucose levels through the hormones insulin and glucagon. Insulin, produced by the pancreas, helps cells absorb glucose from the bloodstream, lowering blood sugar levels. Glucagon, also produced by the pancreas, stimulates the liver to release stored glucose, raising blood sugar levels. This delicate balance ensures that the cells get the energy they need while preventing high or low blood sugar levels.

The water balance

The water balance is essential for maintaining adequate hydration and electrolyte concentrations. The kidneys play a central role in regulating the water balance by filtering the blood and adjusting the amount of water that is reabsorbed or excreted as urine. Hormones such as antidiuretic hormone (ADH) and aldosterone also help regulate water balance by influencing kidney function. In addition, the feeling of thirst stimulates people to consume liquids, and further helps in maintaining proper hydration.

Nitrogen levels in the body are related to nitrogen balance, which refers to the balance between nitrogen intake and excretion. The nitrogen is mainly consumed in the form of dietary protein and is excreted as urea through the kidneys. Proper nitrogen balance is essential for maintaining healthy muscle mass, tissue repair and immune function.

Air balance

Homeostasis of oxygen and carbon dioxide involves the respiratory system and the circulatory system. Oxygen is required for cellular respiration, a process that creates energy by breaking down glucose. Carbon dioxide is a waste product of this process. The oxygen is carried through the bloodstream by hemoglobin, a protein in red blood cells. The respiratory system maintains oxygen levels by adjusting the rate and depth of breathing according to the body’s needs. Carbon dioxide is removed from the body in the process of exhalation.

Blood pressure balance

Blood pressure is regulated to ensure that blood is delivered to tissues and organs efficiently. The body adjusts blood pressure through a combination of factors, including constriction and relaxation of blood vessels, heart rate and blood volume. Hormones such as angiotensin II, natriuretic peptides, vasopressin, as well as the nervous system, play a crucial role in blood pressure regulation.

Other factors that contribute to homeostasis in the human body include body temperature, pH balance and hormone production.Balance or homeostasis is a complex interplay of different systems and processes that work together to maintain a stable internal environment, which allows the body to function optimally.

Equilibrium Little mental effort for unrealized gain

And everyone can profit here in whatever way they use it, whether you start a company or apply it to yourself. Because there is another mechanism that science and humanity has forgotten about and that is our weight balance mechanism, which exists in each of us. And this is what prevents people from getting fat and thin uncontrollably when we are children, and then by eating foods that are not suitable for humans we actually damage the weight balance mechanism just like we damage the sugar regulation mechanism. It is not about the amount of food but only about the type of food. If you missed it, I’ll say it again, it’s not the amount of food or the number of calories, it’s the type of food that damages our natural ability to balance.

Have you seen a squirrel with a belly?

We see this mechanism working perfectly in animals in the wild that don’t get fat even though they sometimes have inexhaustible sources of food. Natural selection created the weight regulation mechanism so that exposure to a certain food would not cause the animal to gain weight and be eaten. And this is perhaps the most important point you will take with you, people think that what is important is fitness or diet, but what is important is not to damage the natural weight balance of the body, and we can help with this by switching to a diet that is suitable for humans. This mechanism exists in each and every one of us. By eating foods that are not suitable for humans, such as sweets and wheat products that are not leavened, we actually damage the weight balance mechanism just as we damage the sugar regulation mechanism by eating wheat products and various sugar products. It is not about the amount of food but only about the type of food. The most important thing is to be at a normal weight, which is different for everyone, therefore, it is important what we eat and not how much we eat or what physical activity we do. Wheat mainly contains substances that harm the body’s weight regulation mechanism, but the good news is that a free diet will heal the weight regulation mechanism, just as most types of diabetes will disappear with a few months of eating adapted to humans.

The most common and most damaging to the weight balance mechanism

The food that the world produces the most for some reason turns out to be the most unsuitable for us: wheat products (bread, pasta, etc.), industrial eggs, cow’s milk, soy, corn, rice, oil, salt and sugar are also the most unsuitable for humans. Each of them and their reason, but mostly it has to do with the cheapening of production on the one hand and the inadequacy of the industrial product for humans on the other. What is good for industry is often not good for our health. Science supports this and so does logic. And yes, everyone is wrong, they don’t treat the problem but the symptom.

Technology no, cultural yes

who made us

Our essence is natural, nature created us, modernization only tries to touch what drives us, but it is a counterfeit of the real things that drive us, created from millions of years of evolution in nature: wars, friends, hunting, laughter, love, survival, cold, heat, poetry, Dance, death and life in the expanses of nature.

What technology has given us

Technology for a good life has already existed for several thousand years. By a good life I mean the prosperity of the citizens which is their happiness and their level of satisfaction with life. Humans have reached the technology that provides a good life such as watering the fields, lighting a fire, raising goats, wearing warm clothes, building houses, fishing, dancing and hunting for several thousand years.

Technology has given humans the opportunity to reproduce on Earth to several billion people, but has it really contributed to our prosperity?

Helping or hindering?

Take the mobile phone for example, it did not improve people’s lives, it only made them to be close to it and less to other people. Studies show that relationships have the most impact on the quality of our lives, so the mobile phone harms the most important thing for humans because it distances us from other people physically.

I know what you’re thinking, the “car” is an invention that really improved our lives. In my opinion the car destroyed much more than it improved, before cars and trains life had to be around the countryside. It wasn’t a bad life, the concept that we need to travel all the time and be all over the world in my opinion is wrong and doesn’t help our happiness at all. Once without cars everything had to be close, and people weren’t on the road for two hours a day. The “car” simply allowed many people to be in many places during the day.

And yes, I have a car, no choice.

I think that what has really advanced humanity is the cultural technology of courts, individual freedom, protection of property, protection of the body, democratic regime, social protection and other such things. For example, in Equatorial Guinea, researchers saw that a murder many times continued to more murders as blood revenge and many times would have produced a never-ending chain of wars, like blood revenge in Arab society, today we have a “cultural technology” of police and courts that handle such cases.

Naturalness and anti-technology

Anti-technology is here in the health section because in the same way that technology does not really contribute to humanity, but only “cultural technology”, so for our health it is better to rely on nature and “cultural technology” to feel good today and be healthy. Everything that is written about health here, there is no technology at all, there are only ways that try to imitate life in nature.

For example, the food that is best for us is food that has not been “touched” by technology and is as natural as possible.

You can’t go out without your cell phone

Today we have reached a situation where it is difficult to leave the house without the cell phone, because you have to open the car, pay at the supermarket or receive an important WhatsApp message from the devil knows who.

Therefore, in free thinking, I personally use technology to make money, get information and communicate because there is no other choice, but I try to stay away from technology as much as possible, it’s not easy, I also like Netflix, WhatsApp and Spotify. The entire western society is driving technology and pinning humanity’s hopes on it, like Elon Musk who sees space technology as an option to save humanity. I think in free thought of course it’s just the opposite, the hopes should be in nature.

In a free environment , I write exactly the opposite of Elon Musk, that to save the planet from turning into hot soup, we need to use cultural technology and change our consumption habits and not run away from the earth on the first rocket that goes to Mars, I have the feeling that we are meant to live on the earth and not on another planet…

A child with meaning

Earn the child in you

It’s not just that so many are dealing with our childhood, there is something there. It stays with you all the years and that’s why the poets and singers revolve around it.

But in free thinking, I, and I hope you too, are looking for the smallest effort for the biggest profit, and there is something interesting here for profit, this time it is a non-monetary profit. Our profit will be if you manage to remain children for a large part of the time. be children

Children and tribes

Anthropologists study tribes because it is their profession. I study anthropologists and tribes to understand what actions and traits have been built into them through evolution and have disappeared due to modernization. For example, leavening bread is part of these actions that have pretty much disappeared today. The common upbringing of all the children of the tribe is another interesting example that is relatively high, and exists more in moshavim and kibbutzim. A large part of the understanding of how to walk correctly, how to stand upright, what to drink and everything you will read here stems from this free thought that is prevalent in the ancient tribes and how they lived, what made them sick, why they smiled and everything that is implied by that. Looking at my children is often like seeing an ancient tribe, because many features are basic and natural and modernization has not affected them. Like, for example, thinking about what you bought for a child, it’s only important that everyone gets the same thing. That is, the comparison with the one next to him, the jealousy and the spirit of justice.

The freedom to choose meaning

Have you ever seen a child build something out of Lego, and concentrate on it as if it were the most important thing in the world, looking at the creation as the most beautiful structure ever created?

For children, every moment is significant for them, and they determine what is significant for them, no one else decides for them, but yes you can notice by watching that what is meaningful for the parents, the children perceive as meaningful, this is the survival process. If you saw your father running away from a snake, this is an event that you should see as significant, it evolved from animals much earlier than man, that’s clear. Just like a child finds meaning in a lot of things, so we have to deal with what has meaning for us, not meaning for others, but what is meaningful for us and this is the critical point, no one can decide what is meaningful for you. Financial gain and playing was the meaning for me until a late age and probably it is not significant for many others. Studies and logic show that this is what makes us happy, not the search for happiness but finding meaning, being a person with meaning. The search for happiness itself results in unhappiness, it is happy.

One big game

There is a very big profit in seeing everything as a game, and not taking life too seriously. When everything is playing then you are not afraid of anything.

There is a great loss in thinking that children need expensive products and experiences to be happy. This is entirely due to the bias of jealousy , from watching my children and myself along with studies, it is clear that children in the end enjoy being with friends and playing the most. That’s it, it’s really simple, when you look at it clearly with the help of free thought.

I have always seen everything as a game, the army, studies, Beejack, Play65, Plus500 because they are really all games. Let me go up to some field, football, basketball, tennis, squash or poker court and just play with the company, it’s that simple.

I remember from the army when the commanding officer was in the cadets, I was in the cadet course for a month, he asked me why I was laughing all the time in formation, I laughed because it was a game for me and it seemed strange to see everyone standing like that.

Only I don’t see free thought as a game but as something that can do good.

Balance is important

Of course, what I’ve written here is not all-encompassing and you need to strike a balance, because not everything is a game and not everything is significant, and you don’t always have to behave like a child. And this is a very important law in free thought.

A house without temptations for a huge profit

One of the most profitable places is to understand that there is no tempting “muscle” that can be trained. Our eyes are responsible for triggering the brain to want something.

Of course, it is much more difficult for children to resist temptations such as watching YouTube and not doing homework.

Therefore, if you want to eat specific food or not eat cookies, or just to deal less with your cell phone, make sure they are away from you.

It answers the eternal question “Should we put a candy drawer in the house?” unequivocally no, it just pulls an unnecessary trigger for children.

And if you want to do sports, make the “temptation” look good, that is, put the sports clothes in a visible place.

You want a comfortable learning environment, that there will be no mobile or anything else you prefer to do, this is also true for a good environment for a child to learn. It is recommended to read about the winning habit .

It’s a shame that doctors don’t profit from excavations

The profit is hiding on the medicine shelf

A doctor benefits from giving a prescription and explaining why it is good, saying goodbye to the patient nicely after ordering some test and calling the next in line. The patient also expects the prescription so it works out. Doctors don’t get paid to sit with a patient and explain to him for an hour why he needs to change his diet or stop being hunched over. They don’t have the time and knowledge to sit on people for months until something changes.

Good intentions

Doctors really want to help patients. 99.9% of doctors want the patient to leave them in good condition when they entered. There is no profit model from preventive medicine and dietary changes, so the medical establishment does not implement the obvious and usually natural solutions. Also, doctors do not understand nutrition and have not studied it [in educational institutions it is true that processed food is not good for humans, the rest is generally not true]. Nutrition is responsible for 90% of our health, so it turns out that doctors have no significant effect on our health.Trauma medicine or serious injuries work great because the cause is often accidental.

Why is it dangerous to listen to dietitians?

A dangerous lesson in the Faculty of Nutrition

Dietitians studied the diet that the academy promotes, i.e. vegetables, fruits and food without a lot of fat. This is of course not the diet that humans naturally evolved to eat. I have nothing personal against dietitians but most of them do not recommend the right diet because they recite what they have learned without exercising free thought. But what they have learned is not compatible with science and the logic of natural selection. And all dietitians are wrong. They do not understand that plants “want to kill us” by natural toxins that exist in them. In addition, animal fat is very suitable for humans, and contributes a lot to cholesterol, which is generally good for us and is used for critical chemical processes.

Why invent new food?

Humans are built to eat the food they have eaten for the past hundreds of thousands of years: fruit [that ripened naturally], animals [that ate grass and not grains] and fish [natural and not pond fish]. This is logic without science, but when you look at the science and the empirical results of the experiments the logic behind it is correct. Think of the concept of food suitable for humans and not healthy food. This is important because saying you will eat “this is healthy!” is not true. There is no such thing as a super food. Even animals don’t have super food, they have food that suits them. The great deception in nutrition [diets but not in the sense of losing weight but a form of nutrition] such as ketogenic, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, carnivore show improvement for most people and therefore cause confusion, because they eliminate processed food that directly improves health, but have problematic ingredients [plant toxins and in particular whole grains, cow’s milk and more].

Animals in the wild are not fat even though there are places with endless food for them. Later we will discuss this because it is a mental model that should also be taken to humans.

Diet in the sense of constant nutrition and not of losing weight

Of course, it is very bad for us to diet in the sense of a set time to lose weight when we want to meet partners or we just got divorced and you want to do well in the market, it will only confuse the body systems and you. The right and natural way is to change the length of life forever.

Plants and vegetables are trying to kill you!

Lectins are part of the toxins in natural food such as vegetables, legumes, roots, seeds, tubers, grains and [unripe] fruits.

Minors have been given their own section because they are so elusive. The person who brought me to look at them was Dr. Gandari , a heart surgeon from Arab who wrote several books on the subject , the main one of which is The Plant Paradox . He is not right about everything, but he is definitely right about minors. They are found mainly in vegetables and whole grains but not in all. The danger in them is that they affect each person in a different way. There are minor lectins that are not good for anyone (gluten) and the rest vary according to the people. Research on the relationship of lectins to joint problems and cartilage erosion, a problem that does not exist in tribes.

The poisons are there so that various insects and pests don’t eat them. Gluten is a lectin. In ripe fruits they disappear so that they will eat the fruits and spread the trees by the seeds in the fruit. Science shows that most of the toxins are in the skin in the kernels and seeds [logic also shows that in order to protect the seeds and kernels which are the most important for plant reproduction and the skin to protect the fruit before it ripens], chewing fruit and vegetable seeds causes the toxins to be released [the fruit wants you to eat it but not to crush the seeds]. In my opinion these toxins [the lectins in them] are a major factor in a large part of the autoimmune diseases and the obesity of the population mainly from the wheat. Here are what substances these toxins prevent their absorption as well as an excellent lecture on lectins. The best way is to soak, sprout, saute and cook to eliminate the effect of most toxins.

A hidden disease that starts at different ages

The animals in the wild are rarely not at their correct weight, how can this be? They surely come across an inexhaustible source of food from time to time, how do they not get fat? Are humans the only animal that gets fat when they eat a lot? To settle this point logically, understand that all animals have a weight preservation mechanism, evolution caused the mechanism to develop because the animals get fat when there is an inexhaustible source of food, they simply got eaten and not with us. Mainly the animals that humans feed make them fat such as cattle, dogs and cats. And from here comes the free thought that connects logic and science, people are not different and we have a weight maintenance mechanism that is damaged with a diet that is not suitable for us and animals and indeed animals get fat when they are given barley, corn, soy and other grains that are not suitable for them. This is also how humans get fat from food that is not suitable for us, but this is not directly from this food, but because it damages our weight maintenance mechanism. Damage to the weight maintenance mechanism is called metabolic disease.

The metabolic disease that the majority of the population suffers from is probably due to an incorrect distribution between carbohydrates, fats and proteins in the diet and in addition from the toxins in plants and processed food. When there is something that most people suffer from it means that it is very worthwhile for everyone to check themselves because it is not 1:10000 these are 1:3. There is no point in researching what processed food does because there is no way in the world that it will match the millions of chemical processes in our bodies. The surest way to cure metabolic disease is through a free diet . Most people suffer from the curable metabolic syndrome (metabolic syndrom) and not just the obesity problem. It takes a year to recover with the help of her diet.Excellent research on metabolic disease and its damage to blood vessels. What is important is not the quantities of food but the type of food and to eat concentrated meals up to 10 hours a day and the rest of the time to let the digestive system rest.Everyone has a natural weight, usually the weight they were at the age of 18-20, which they will reach after a period of eating natural food.

How did the Indians have white teeth without Colgate

George Catlin was an American painter, writer, and traveler, best known for his portraits of Native American tribes and his documentation of their cultures in the early to mid-19th century. In his travels and interactions with various Native American tribes, Catlin also observed and documented their dental health.

George lived with the Indians and just watched

In his book, “Letters and Notes on the Manners, Customs, and Condition of the Indians in North America,” Catlin made several notes on the teeth of Indians. He noted that they usually have strong, healthy teeth without decay, and attributed this to their diet and lifestyle. In addition to his book “The Breadth Of Life” from 1864, Catlin notes that the Indians called the white man a derogatory name “Black Mouth” which means “black mouth”. George lived for years with the Indians, he didn’t lie. He wrote in his books that the Indians kept their mouths closed day and night and saw how Indian mothers would put their children to sleep on their backs and make sure their mouths were closed when sleeping. And yes, I’m crazy enough to read his books, they were amazing because they gave a picture of a tribe living in nature from 1864. You can also order them from Amazon.

From Catelyn’s observations we learn about exceptional dental health Catelyn observed that Native Americans have excellent dental health, with very few cases of tooth decay. He attributed this to their diet, which was rich in natural, unprocessed foods and low in sugars.

In addition to noticing tooth sharpening, Catlin noted that some tribes practiced tooth sharpening, where they would tap their teeth to sharp points. This was done for aesthetic reasons and as a sign of tribal affiliation. He was impressed by the skill with which this was done, as well as the absence of tooth decay even among those who had their teeth sharpened.

The oral hygiene practices Catlin observed showed that Native Americans practiced oral hygiene using chewing sticks and other natural methods. He believed that these practices, along with their diet, nose breathing and a closed mouth all day, contributed to their overall good dental health.

Where are the dentists?

You can smile, dentists just don’t know that, it’s not that they are bad people. Bad teeth and bad breath is a symptom and not the problem. Three things will keep your teeth white and straight if it’s not too late: nutrition, breathing through your nose and cleaning your teeth without chemicals.

That’s it, no magic, the Indians in America had excellent teeth without all our magic, they can be copied and that’s exactly what I did in free thought.

Teeth are destroyed first because of poor nutrition in minerals and vitamins that we consume. It is usually a diet with little meat and fish and a lot of plants and processed food, meaning the opposite of a free diet. Plants prevent the absorption of important minerals and of course processed food is mostly from plants.

most critical

Another reason is mouth breathing at night and during the day. When we breathe through our mouth it’s like putting an apple outside it will rot, when we close our mouth it’s just like wrapping an apple. That way the mouth doesn’t dry out either. When you breathe through the nose, the tongue presses the jaw and produces straight teeth, of course this in childhood arranges the teeth, try breathing through the nose with a closed mouth and you will see that the tongue presses the upper jaw just like a bridge does.

Chemical or natural substances?

A third and important reason why teeth are not kept white and healthy is the cleanliness of the teeth. The secret is that there is no need for expensive chemical substances, they only damage the texture of the bacteria and your intestines, some of the toothpaste and mouthwash reach your digestive tract, because some of it is swallowed. It’s just like eating poison, try to swallow all your toothpaste and you’ll see that it’s really unpleasant, of course don’t try, it was a joke. Read that toothpaste always says “not for eating” but some is always swallowed.

How do you keep your teeth?

It is important to floss after meals, pass a toothpick between the teeth and brush your teeth with warm water. It is very important to brush your teeth with warm water. No need for chemicals, it’s a bluff. The tribes and also the Indians had white and straight teeth without toothpaste. It is recommended to use a rough towel to clean the teeth after brushing. When there is a problem or inflammation, rinse with salt water several times.

Toothpaste does not contribute anything to the health of the teeth and is not necessary. In order for the teeth to be straight, it is important to eat hard food in childhood. Rinsing the mouth with hot water has the same effect as other substances. Take away something beyond your teeth, unnatural substances as few as possible on you, near you and in you. Example: Today, toothpastes such as Sensodyne contain a toxic substance: titanium dioxide . This is a small example of thousands of examples. Read here about a proposal for the Ministry of Consumer Affairs .

A study that tested the effect of using “mouthwash” on blood pressure.

Is it possible that most dentists are wrong? Absolutely yes, they are wrong.


Exposure to the sun – at least half an hour a day. The big advantage is in UVA radiation the body releases nitrite oxide [the same substance that is released in breathing from the nose to the lungs] and the Lui product is vitamin D but the big advantage is the release of nitrite oxide. Better at times when your shadow is higher than you so you don’t get burned. Vitamin D is produced by exposure to uvb rays to prevent sun damage and as a feedback for bone building, it functions like an anti-sun cream and therefore the body produces it. Eskimos are not exposed to the sun and get all their vitamin D from animals. Animal fat has vitamin D, mainly animals that grew up on pasture and ate grass. The body stores vitamin D in fat by the type of cholesterol on our skin, therefore people who do not eat animal fat [suffer from many different diseases and symptoms] usually associate their symptoms with a lack of vitamin D, but this is a result and not the cause.

Herzl in his book Altneuland wrote about the sun accurately: “We brought them outside, to the sun, after they had lived in dark cellars, shacks of hardship and rooms of poverty.”It is known that plants wither without sunlight, and this is also true of humans.’

Basic instinct is beautiful

It’s quite fascinating how little children can naturally understand certain beauty standards without anyone explaining it to them. For example, they may recognize that white teeth are beautiful, while yellow and brown teeth are not. This ability to recognize beauty seems to be ingrained in us from the very beginning.

Children can also distinguish between healthy and unhealthy looks. They may associate a tall, upright posture with beauty and a slouched or sickly posture as less beautiful. Similarly, they may see beauty in a shapely body and less in a chubby body. They can even recognize that smooth skin is beautiful, while skin damaged by cigarette smoking is not.

These innate preferences for beauty can be traced back to our evolutionary roots. Studies show that beautiful features often signal fertility and good health, which are important for the survival and continuation of our genes. For example, a study by Perrett et al.1999 found that people generally find symmetrical faces more attractive, perhaps because symmetry is an indicator of genetic fitness.

Our innate appreciation of beauty also helps us make choices about who we want to be, as it can indicate a suitable mate. When we observe someone walking or standing gracefully, it usually implies good health and proper functioning of the body. The same goes for breathing: breathing through the nose often looks more beautiful than mouth breathing, because it’s a healthier way to breathe, imagine someone breathing with their mouth open, do you recognize that it doesn’t look good?

Have you seen a model walking, and it looks good? This imputation is also the right walk.

Eating with your mouth closed while chewing looks good? It is also healthier because you don’t swallow air with the food.

Just as we can damage the natural signaling that we were born with when to eat or more correctly when we are full, for example when we eat wheat, or the mechanism of when to drink, when we drink coffee or alcohol, so it is also possible to damage our natural ability to recognize beauty, sometimes beauty is a social phenomenon like a long tribe The neck in Thailand, they will think that a long neck is beautiful, because that is what is accepted in society.

So, whether you sit, stand, walk, run, breathe or think freely nature encourages to do it beautifully, look at yourself and do it beautifully. This attraction to beauty serves a purpose, but you can ride it to know how to do things right, because often beautiful is also right.

Bread with chocolate is more dangerous than the rain

When I was in third grade my parents left us with friends. The mother of the friends who called her Batsheva by the way, gave me bread with chocolate for school, I never received bread with chocolate for school. On the way to school I ate the bread with chocolate and I was hungry all day at school.

It is a common sight that mothers are afraid of their child getting wet in the rain and therefore chase him with a coat or sweater, not on us, and send the child to school with bread and chocolate.

The mother’s fear of a cold and not a fear of bread with chocolate is a really strange thought, although I sound a bit delusional and I know it, but it is worth showing how bad it is for the child.

Getting wet in the rain or feeling a little cold is excellent for a child, and even if it is less than excellent, it makes an independent child, the next time he alone will remember that he was cold and take a coat or an umbrella, and the truth is that this exposure to the cold is even healthy for him. Bread with chocolate, on the other hand, for school will not only cause the child to drop sugar and it will be much more difficult for him to concentrate, but also contributes to the child’s love of unhealthy foods and also increases the probability of diseases that the mother does not imagine in her worst dreams such as: cancer, diabetes, metabolic disease as well as dental problems .

But everyone knows that this mother loves her child the most in the world, that’s why it’s strange to me and I’m writing about her here.

Children and humans are not supposed to eat unleavened wheat bread with chocolate, not when they are children and the truth is not ever. They are supposed to eat a free diet .

Lower the eyebrow you raised from what I wrote here, and continue reading, the bread with chocolate is an example, but it could be anything that humans are not supposed to eat.

So the next time you see a mother giving her child bread with chocolate, shout to the child: “Don’t finish the bread with chocolate on the way to school!” and shout to the mother: “Be afraid of the bread, not the cold!”.

Give us something perfect

Many people tell me, but the meat we eat today is also not like the meat that was hunted for millions of years, it is true that it has much more fat and the domesticated animals eat food that is not suitable for them, but it is much more suitable for us than, say, oats with all kinds of ingredients.

There is a fear that sea fish has metals and all kinds of substances, but even here sea fish are almost identical to the fish that the ancients ate for millions of years, it is null in sixty compared to the natural poisons found in plants.

The trick is to get ideas that are 80% correct because getting 100% is very difficult in health. But to achieve 100% health you have to go for decisions that are 80% correct. There are no 100% decisions in health. [Except for banging your head against the wall which will 100% give you a headache].

We are drowning in information but long for insights into it, health is like poker, most of the time there is no 100% nor 90%, you have to make decisions under conditions of uncertainty [sometimes the result is the opposite of the odds, like a smoker who lives to the age of 102] and this is exactly the problem that no one is decisive and says what needs to be done – Here there are things that are true with a high probability, so a free thought comes to try to isolate the signal from the noise. Like everything you read, treat what you read here with a limited guarantee. Through free thought, you can arrive at the following critical and important law:

“To behave as the ancient humans behaved in nature” – our body and mind have adapted and adapted to this way of life! Trying to beat nature with technology, drugs, magicians, salves, miracle herbs, knowledge and juices is often destined for failure.

Can you beat nature?

Whoever “designed” nature did not want to give humans the opportunity to surpass it.

Evolution adapted us according to how we were in nature and cannot adapt us to rapid changes. Evolution works on the distant past and not on the present.Once you understand that, you understand everything. This is not rocket science but simple logic. Like the animals, we work mainly to obtain food, shelter and reproduce, as well as to obtain information about these three.

Evolution has designed for us millions of types of spectacular chemical processes and billions of billions of chemical processes (dependent on each other) every second that drive us and define us. It is not right for us to look for new chemical processes that will fix us (medicines), but to simply continue and not harm the millions of existing processes that we have been kicked into the world with (simply remain natural), this is correct from a probabilistic and logical point of view.

These are the things that will strengthen you physically: food that people ate in the past, breathing through the nose, proper movement, learning (to activate the brain) and environment. Each idea is actually an easy solution to implement and is based on a simple free thought “to behave as the ancient humans behaved in nature”.

It is difficult to understand exactly how the ancients behaved, but there are tribes that have survived, as well as old books and movies, so you can learn about the right way.

A rabbit needs certain herbs and vegetables otherwise it will get sick and die. These are the things he ate in the wild. A cow needs green grass, etc. and when you give her food that she is not built for (so that she gets fat – the breeder’s interest is more meat and not more health for you) such as corn grains, soy and barley she gets fat and you have to keep her alive with antibiotics from time to time. In exactly the same way as the cow, we are built for a certain food with a certain living environment, ignoring this need manifests itself in a large part of the people in the world in obesity, diseases, needing doctors and medicines regularly.

Who has the burden of proof?

There is a critical law that is worth understanding, we call it the “law of the burden of proof”, the chance that a substance or form of substance (or behavior) that humans have not been exposed to for tens of thousands of years and are currently being exposed to is good for humans is zero, the chances are 99.99% that it is harmful. The burden of proof is on the one who adds a new substance to a person such as: genetically modified food, plant oils, cbd, marijuana and various drugs, smoothies, genetically modified wheat, clean sugar, salt, ingredients in sodium-blah-blah toothpaste, various fried foods, all types of snacks and thousands of other examples . There are substances that are in natural food and they are very problematic for us, they are called lectins and in my opinion their effect is greater than people imagine because they are found in food that is associated with health – a lecture on lectins and what they can do . There is also the opposite side of the law: what man has been exposed to for tens of thousands of years is most likely good for man: sun, meat, fish, fruits, etc.

Most of the meat, fish, vegetables and fruits sold to us today are not the same as they used to be. It is possible to get close to what they ate by: eating grass-eating animals and not a mixture that are raised in pastures and not in cages, as well as wild caught fish that were not raised in ponds and received food that is not suitable for them. For example, we are built for grilled fish because people have been eating them for 700,000 years: a site where they found cooking fish is an ancient evidence of cooking at the Bridge of the Daughters of Ya’akov .

Don’t be a shoe

Let’s start with a joke: walking or running barefoot hurts the feet, so it is recommended to buy running shoes with shock absorbers.

This is more Ahithophel’s advice than a joke. The earliest date that shoes were found is 40,000 years and the majority from about 5000 years ago and there are tribes that until recently walked barefoot and all this compared to the millions of years of existence of the ape and man who ran barefoot without shock absorbers and shock absorbers. Just as a horse does not need a hoof to run so humans do not really need shoes for their natural actions.

what is a shoe

Our body was built for running and walking “knowing” that we don’t have shoes, therefore shoes inevitably change the way we walk, run or stand. By applying logic to this information, we come to the conclusion that the best shoes for us are shoes that simulate as if we are barefoot, with a wide sole that will not crush all our toes together and that will not raise any part of the foot.

And yes, everything that is sold to us with shoes with shock absorbers and the like as if we need shock absorbers is by and large not a huge bluff.

we were born

Adapted to move and be in certain positions. Like “hardware with an operating system you are born with” – improper operation causes endless problems of cartilage erosion and back and neck pain. Over the years, we lose the right way we were meant to move. From generation to generation we become inactive, sit like our parents and wear different and strange shoes that harm our posture – high heels, moccasins, etc. We evolved to walk barefoot, therefore the form of walking is affected by the use of shoes that are not good and cause a host of problems in our joints, back, emotional state, and each generation becomes more bent than the previous one. It’s amazing to see the tribes that have not merged in Western culture – how upright they are and how strong their back and buttock muscles are compared to us. Fortunately, this can be corrected by improving posture, walking, standing, and sitting.

spring leg

It is not enough to walk as if we are barefoot, we also need to walk in a correct way that has been destroyed over the years because of shoes with elevations, looking at our parents whose walk has also changed, compressing the toes with shoes as well as turning the whole foot into one block even though it is flexible and made up of many muscles and bones.

But in what way does it make sense that evolution adapted walking? Of course walking with minimal energy use, it gave us a probability of surviving more than others. In the formula of free thought this is the framing of the way evolution works. And a level drop from the rule of nature to a lower level, which is walking. Therefore, the optimal form of walking is when we stretch the leg and it, as it were, returns to its natural position by itself. Think of the leg as a spring, we stretch it and it contracts on its own. Exactly the same in running. You see a mistake in many people that they apply force in every step, then it’s double energy. This means that you have to walk and run with relatively small steps when the whole body is stretched and upright and then the legs contract on their own.

jumps in the head

The question that will come is that many people go with shoes with shock absorbers and they are without problems. It’s just like the smoker at the age of 100, or the person who eats wheat bread and is healthy until old age. There are genes that help deal with toxins, but I wouldn’t recommend you to bet that you have them, there is a foot structure that is probably more tolerant to shoes with elevations and the like and those that are less.After all, we are all meant to walk barefoot or with flat shoes as much as possible.

Platform, flat foot and insole huh?

Of course, when you run the “doubt tool” on insoles, you realize that they are of course unnecessary and unnecessary. Insoles move the problem to another joint. In free thought, they bring information from Africa that the proportion of people with flat feet or as it is called in German, flatfoot

It is in minor percentages compared to western society which is 20-30% of the population with flat feet. I mean something we do in western society causes it! Once again we saw that it’s not bad genes, of course when you exercise free thought you realize that it’s either our shoes, the way we walk or our weight, all three of these actions affect the forces in the joint.

Here is a quote from this study : “Children with the healthiest and most flexible feet are those who usually walk barefoot, according to Stahli [18] and a growing number of other pediatric orthopedists [4,6,10,19]. His studies in developing countries show that people who don’t wear shoes have better flexibility and mobility, stronger feet, fewer deformities and fewer complaints than those who wear shoes regularly.’

And this is where the information, science and logic came together for us, it’s worth betting on the shoes, which affect the way you walk as a significant cause of flat feet that cause a lot of other problems such as lower back problems, knee problems which are a symptom and not the problem. And a free thought conclusion that insoles are unnecessary for most people who do not have structural foot problems. You

Where has the foot orthopedist gone?

You will not hear the conclusion that flatfoot is caused by inappropriate shoes, incorrect walking form and excess weight from almost any foot orthopedist in the world. Incorrect walking form is also caused by shoes and not walking barefoot. The orthopedists do not think freely, they are smart but they do not try to understand the source of the problem, they rush to treat the symptoms: knee pain, hip pain, foot pain and many other places. You have to understand and doubt in order to strive for a solution, it’s not a 100% solution but it worked for me and I’m pretty sure it will work for you. I wear shoes with really flat soles, flat sandals, or 5 toe shoes or go barefoot. Of course I changed the way I walk.

are you going right

A good test to know is to walk and see if you push with your fingers at the end of the step, that’s how you’re supposed to do it. Most shoes shrink all the toes because that way the shoe is more beautiful, but this goes against the structure of the toes, they should spread and not shrink.

auxiliary materials

Running correctly in minimalist shoes (this is how we are built to run – technical explanation about running )

Extend and flex the muscles in the body every day before and after physical activity (as you get older you have to invest more), their tendency is to shorten. Shell video – Tom Brady’s method.

By observing that this is actually the “viewing tool” in free thought, you can understand how they once stood, walked and sat, you can understand how these actions should be done: a film from 1950 about aborigines .

Earn from the millions

We have millions of processes in the body, don’t harm them. This is the law of inversion, you have nothing to do with improving them because you will not succeed from a probabilistic point of view.

One of the most important tools because it helps us take care of ourselves.

Evolution has designed for us millions of types of spectacular chemical processes and billions of billions of chemical processes, dependent on each other, every second that drive us and define us.

An example of a cleaning agent that we added that harms the millions of processes in the body. Of course it is not necessary for cleaning.

It is not right for us to look for new chemical processes that will fix us, medicines, but simply to continue and not harm the millions of existing processes that we have been kicked into the world with (just stay natural), this is correct from a probabilistic and logical point of view. Messing with very complex systems along the way brings unexpected results that harm the system and do not help it.

This is where the “duty of proof” comes from, be on the right side of the bet:

The chance that a substance or form of substance, or behavior, that humans have not been exposed to for tens of thousands of years and are currently being exposed to is good for humans is zero, the chances are 99.99% that it is harmful. The burden of proof is on the one who adds a new substance to a person such as: genetically modified food, plant oils, cbd, marijuana and various drugs, smoothies, genetically modified wheat, clean sugar, salt, ingredients in sodium-blah-blah toothpaste, various fried foods, all types of snacks and thousands of other examples . There is also the opposite side of the law: what man has been exposed to for tens of thousands of years is most likely good for man: sun, meat, fish, fruits, etc.

A headache is a headache

A story that happened to me today, my wife told me that she feels dizzy when she looks down and maybe she has a brain bleed or a stroke. I told her it would be a shame to lose her like that, but “it was nice to meet you and I’ll get along” and added “there is a good selection in Tel Aviv”. Something seems really strange to me. I remembered hearing her doing a jump rope workout. I asked her “Tell me you didn’t jump on a rope for half an hour?” She said yes. In free thought, I put together the fact that jumping makes you dizzy, that my wife and I are sensitive to sharp movements, and then I realized that the chance that on the same day she did a jump rope workout, she has a cerebral hemorrhage and they are not related to each other, is zero. I told her “I don’t think it’s a cerebral hemorrhage but only from the jumping” and she will probably survive, she smiled and indeed the next day the “bleeding” and “dizziness” disappeared. It is important that you use common sense in everything.

A headache is a headache. It’s a symptom and not the problem, you’re doing something wrong if you have small or large ones.

I personally didn’t really suffer from headaches but I encountered them in many people and sometimes I had a headache before I started eating freely .

In a person who eats right and is active well and sees the sun, there is no reason for a headache at all.

If you occasionally have headaches or migraines, it means that you are not eating freely.

Cow’s milk products, oats, date cola and the like are not foods that fall under the definition of a free diet and there is a good chance that they contribute to headaches.

Your body has no safety margins, so every little thing causes a headache, just eat freely and you’ll see the headaches and migraines disappear.

One of the things I’ve noticed is that wireless headphones give me a bit of a headache after, so be careful of things that project into your head directly.

So how is it that no one is talking about this popular product that is dangerous, I hope by now you have understood that just because everyone is doing something does not mean that it is safe or correct, unfortunately many times it is the other way around.

Anything that radiates that you put on has a good chance of being dangerous. Wireless headphones are right inside your head and radiate to the cell phone, no one has tested what it really does to the neurons in the head.

I bought headphones with an air cable at the end so that radiation will not pass through.

And we’ll finish well, everyone is wrong, it’s possible otherwise!

The oldest profession in the world is not prostitution

The oldest profession in the world is midwifery and in the same way the oldest sport in the world is walking in nature and probably also the best for us. What is ancient means that we are adapted to it. In the past we didn’t need sports to be healthy, we were active, today sports are important to simulate how they lived once because they really lived once. Do the oldest sport in the world and therefore the most suitable for us – “walking!” for at least an hour a day. It is important to walk correctly which most people do not do. (The healthiest sport is better in nature). A good explanation of proper walking , towards the end of the video – walking . The most natural walking is when we are barefoot because that’s how they walked for millions of years. But there are also shoes that simulate walking barefoot with a very thin sole.

Walk straight and upright – wear flat shoes that resemble bare feet. Shoes that are not flat encourage unnatural movements and prevent natural movements of the joints.

Hello, hello, Ganim

One of my huge mistakes was that I thought that genes determine whether people are good at math, whether they will have a heart attack or whether they are just successful. The more I think about it the more freely I read and come across information I realize how equal we were born. Genes do help fight toxins like wheat or smoking, but if you don’t poison yourself, we don’t really need the help of genes, and that’s the free-thinking understanding of this mystery. Genes will also help you to have a certain character that will help you love a certain activity such as: actor, athlete, carpenter, physicist. But the ability itself depends on how many hours you have devoted to your native ability, practiced it and what you have done in your life, i.e. the environment.

We blame the genes, because our brain constantly strives to arrange reality and give an explanation that will support our actions, the main thing is that we are not to blame. That’s why it’s easy for us to blame our genes for the fact that we’re fat, or sick, or just excessively skinny, and so, when there are genes to blame, the problem is solved, it’s the genes! Fight the bias of our brain to arrange everything and explain everything, this is free thought at its best. There is something wrong with obesity, it is not an opinion, it is a reality that is easy to see and of course the problem is not aesthetic but is accompanied by many other problems such as diabetes and vascular problems. Everyone is supposed to be “thin” if they eat a “free diet”.

Most people are born with great genes, so if there are problems, blame your environment and diet before you blame your parents for bad genes.

The trend of health in the world is in a clear direction, and it is visible in the streets. Is it possible that so many people have messed up genes and are getting fat? Become subservient? Develop chronic diseases? Or maybe there is something else that causes some people to be fit, upright, and healthy even in old age. If we assume that we were born equal, and indeed we were born equal (more or less) then by exercising free thought we realize that there is something else here than a problem with genes. There is something here that is related and remains a very basic activity: nutrition and physical activity! Another proof of this is those people who change their diet and their physical activity and become healthy and fit..

It seems that the general health of the entire world is in a downward trend, according to this article as well as according to the global obesity trend as well as the World Health Organization . Medicine is so advanced, so it can be assumed that the main reason is: the deterioration of the quality of food and the type of food we eat. An article about childhood diabetes that shows an increase over the years. I guess the food we eat is much more important than our environment, because bad substances in the environment have less effect than bad substances in our food that enters our body. We do indeed live longer on earth but in less good health! Another evidence of the incompatibility of modern life with the life we are evolutionarily built to live – research on American teenagers shows happiness in a clear downward trend over the years. For good health, one must be ready for change, to understand that there are things that must be done and things that must not be done! Genes and luck are not harmful, but they alone are not enough to ensure good health.

The law “Genes are nothing compared to the environment” means that if the question is: Is a certain problem genetic or environmental? Most likely: behavior is responsible for problems such as: the air, food, our movement. From this we can understand that most diseases arise from our lifestyle (environment, eating, movement) and not from bad luck or genes that have fallen on us. The way of treatment of the health care system needs to change from the ground up and start with a lifestyle and not with drugs. With prevention and not with plaster treatment.

We need to be flexible in thinking and understand that sometimes our opinions on a certain subject must be changed and with this change a change in our way of life is also required.The biggest difficulty is to change ourselves and realize that until now we were simply wrong, we see it in the excuses accompanying people’s diet: “can’t stop eating bread or fried food”.

Someone “fucking” will take responsibility

I’m just an unreasonable person who will take responsibility for the proper nutrition for humans. The state needs to manage the health of the public because it is unable to understand on its own the factors operating in the market and also because it is difficult for it to make changes. An example of successful government intervention. There is probably no escape from paying people to maintain a healthy life because in the long run it will save the country money – research shows that payment works . The source of the difficulty is the excess of advertising and misinformation that the commercial companies create for their own economic interests, which are profits and not public health.

The idea that the same action yields different results for different people makes it difficult to decide what is the right thing to do and what causes why. For example, two people: one person who did not smoke died at the age of 40 and a woman who smoked died at the age of 87. The solution is to test 100 people who smoke and 100 non-smokers, and always remember the law “behave as the ancient humans behaved in nature”. Excellent article on the history of hunting and eating plants.

The potential benefit of ketones in the context of cancer and tumor growth is based on the differences in energy metabolism between cancer cells and healthy cells.

Cancer cells rely primarily on glucose for energy through a process called glycolysis, even when oxygen is available. This phenomenon is known as the Warburg effect. The high demand for glucose by cancer cells allows them to multiply rapidly. In contrast, healthy cells can use different energy sources, such as glucose, fatty acids and ketone bodies. A conversation with an oncologist professor about the subject.

A free diet, high in proteins and fats and low in carbohydrates, causes the body to enter a state of ketosis. In ketosis, the body produces ketone bodies as an alternative source of energy when glucose is low. The rationale behind using ketones to potentially help tumors that need glucose is based on the idea of “starving” cancer cells of their main energy source, glucose, while providing healthy cells with an alternative fuel source, ketone bodies.

Some studies have shown that low-carb diets may have antitumor effects, possibly because:

+ Reduced availability of glucose: By lowering glucose levels, a ketogenic diet may help slow tumor growth by depriving cancer cells of their preferred energy source.

+ Changes in growth signaling pathways: Ketogenic diets have been shown to affect various cellular signaling pathways associated with cancer development and progression, such as insulin and insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) signaling.

+ Increased oxidative stress in cancer cells: Ketogenic diets may increase the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in cancer cells, leading to oxidative stress and potentially cell death.

However, the effectiveness of ketones and ketogenic diets as a cancer treatment remains a subject of ongoing research, and not all types of cancer cells may respond similarly to this approach. It is essential to consult with healthcare professionals, such as oncologists, before considering dietary changes or cancer treatments.

Popeye was wrong

What we eat is not necessarily absorbed into the blood, what is important is what is absorbed.

They tell us that spinach is healthy because it has a lot of iron, but they forgot to inform us that its absorption is zero both because of the type of iron and because of toxins that prevent its absorption.

In all plants it is exactly the same problem, there is a lot of X but it is not absorbed into the blood in the desired amount. Exceptions from the plant are ripe fruits and fermented grains.

See here a recommendation by the Ministry of Health on kale without any scientific basis and the opposite of what science shows. At no time in human history was kale eaten, what’s more, we don’t know how to digest it because of the fiber. What’s nice to see is that even cows know how to digest grasses and those who digest them for them are the bacteria that sit in their intestines, they make food to return the grass to the bacteria for further digestion. The product of the bacteria is fatty acids that are absorbed into the cows blood.

The big secret

The big “secret” in nutrition is that in the end we enjoy most types of food equally, it only takes a few days to get used to it. Unnatural and sugary and salty food makes us not enjoy natural food that takes a few days to get used to. It’s worth spending a few days and getting used to natural food because in the end you enjoy it just as much. Another thing is the “variety of food” – we are not built to eat many types of food at the same time for a simple reason and that is that in ancient times one type of food was available at a given time – let’s say we came across a fig tree, there was no honey and bread with avocado and cheese there was only a fig. In addition, it is important to give the intestines time to rest [the intestines are “injured” by eating], so it is wise to eat in a window of 8-12 hours a day.

Avoiding oil, sugar and unleavened bread will make the immediate change for you. Once you manage to make the initial change, such as avoiding oil, and see the initial improvement, it is very easy to continue upgrading to the sections here. It’s hard to believe but the simple things are the source of the problem and the solution.

Hives, heartburn, irritable bowel and everything in between

These three phenomena are a symptom and not the cause. Not in all cases, but in most cases, and after you read Free Thought, you already understand that it pays to live a statistical life, and it is therefore worth betting on something that is in high percentages, but not always.

The cause of these three phenomena is of course improper nutrition.An irritable bowel is actually your bowel that gets angry at you when you pass through it food that is not designed for it such as bread (not leavened), pasta, vegetables, vegetable oils, rice, roots, leaves, crackers, cow’s milk or all kinds of foods that have been invented recently.

Hives, itching, rashes and sores in all kinds of places on the body, they usually have nothing to do with hormones or puberty, but only with the food you eat, I have to write it again, these are phenomena that are only related to the food you eat, and everyone is wrong. These are exactly the signs of poisoning and the only way to prevent the poisoning is to solve the problem and not drugs that sometimes only prevent the symptom, and the poisoning stops when you eat a free diet as shown here.

Heartburn is often caused by vegetable oil and lactans that irritate the stomach acids.

Lectins are carbohydrate-binding proteins found in various plant foods, such as legumes, grains, and some fruits and vegetables. They play a role in the defense mechanism of plants against pests and predators. Some studies and anecdotal evidence have suggested a possible link between lectins and heartburn or gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Heartburn is a symptom that occurs when stomach acid flows back into the esophagus, causing irritation and a burning sensation. There are several possible mechanisms by which plant toxins [lectins] may contribute to heartburn:

+ Intestinal barrier dysfunction: minors have been shown to interfere with intestinal barrier function, which can lead to increased intestinal permeability (also known as “leaky gut”). This can cause an inflammatory reaction and worsen reflux symptoms, including heartburn.

+ Inflammation: Some studies indicate that lactating may promote inflammation in the body, which may worsen heartburn symptoms. Chronic inflammation can be involved in consumption.

+ Damage to digestion: lectins may bind to digestive enzymes and damage their function, which leads to incomplete digestion of the food. This can cause food to ferment in the stomach, produce gas and increase intra-abdominal pressure, which can promote the reflux of stomach contents into the esophagus, causing heartburn.

If you are asking why these are usually phenomena that only develop over the years and if you see them in children who eat a lot of plant toxins, it is because it takes lectins many years to injure the intestine and enter the bloodstream, for everyone it takes a different time, so it is recommended to avoid eating lectins that are plant toxins.

Exposure to cold and a cold shower

It is important to occasionally shower in cold water and generally swim in cold water and be exposed to the cold. The feeling after it is excellent and the science supports it. Here we have three things that intersect: feeling, evolution that adapted us to exposure to the cold, and science, so we can say with free thought that it is very likely that controlled exposure to the cold is very good for us.

There is a specific type of fat in the human body called brown adipose tissue (BAT) that helps regulate body temperature in response to cold environments. Unlike white adipose tissue, which stores energy, BAT produces heat through a process called thermogenesis.

When activated by cold temperatures or other stimuli, BAT releases stored energy in the form of heat, which helps raise the body’s core temperature and maintain warmth. This can be especially helpful in cold environments where the body is at risk of hypothermia.

Therefore, brown adipose tissue is the type of fat that helps humans cope with the cold.

Breathe through the nose always and when angry

I saw such an ad in one of the largest hospitals in Israel, it said this:

“Conscious breathing course

Conscious breathing is a breathing technique that encourages the body and mind to release what is hidden within them. A tool that helps produce inner strength, dealing with stressful situations and connecting to internal resources that already exist.”

It is written with a spiritual flavor, when there is nothing spiritual about it. You have to breathe through your nose otherwise you will cough, your nose will be blocked, your teeth will be problematic and you will have many other problems that you will never know are caused by mouth breathing. Now we can start this important section.

Humans are designed in a “quiet” state to breathe only through the nose at a low rate (probably 6-12 breaths per minute) quiet and deep. Correct breathing affects our posture, sleep and more – podcast on the subject . A nice test is to bend over and try to breathe through the nose – you will see that it is easier through the mouth and this is probably one of the reasons that adults tend to breathe through the mouth and not through the nose. snoring? You probably breathe through your mouth when you sleep – try putting duct tape over your mouth when you sleep to breathe only through your nose. Try not to choke.

A book that showed that the Indians breathed through their noses and made sure their children did the same is by George Catlin .

Humans are built to breathe through the nose, releasing nitrite oxide, at night and during the day. Mouth breathing causes a host of diseases and problems, dental problems, mental stress, asthma and cough.

When you exercise free thought and examine how animals breathe, you discover that most animals breathe through their noses, and so should humans.

Breathing through the mouth creates many and varied problems because we are not meant to breathe through the mouth for a long time. The hunter-gatherers breathed through their noses like most animals in the wild. Try to breathe through your nose and diaphragm, not your chest. Quiet, deep and slow breaths. Breathing through the mouth over a long period of time clogs the nose, meaning using nose breathing leaves it open. Breathing through the mouth causes many problems – cough, hoarseness, dental problems, runny nose, hump and many others – lecture . An article on nose breathing. In children, breathing through the mouth causes the jaw to grow incorrectly and dental problems because the tongue does not press the teeth forward when breathing through the mouth.

Video how to open a blocked nose in a few seconds.

It is most important to always breathe through the nose, especially in situations of stress or anger, breathing through the mouth only intensifies the stress and anger, so always breathe through the nose in any situation.

Water is the juice of nature

What we drink – we were built by evolution to drink water. Not fruit juices, smoothies and such. Drink when you’re thirsty, all the recommendations about a certain amount are only true for those who confuse the body with alcohol and caffeine, otherwise the body signals us well when it’s thirsty.As long as you are without drugs or substances unsuitable for humans that confuse the body, you should drink when you are thirsty.

Mental junk food for the soul?

Mental junk food refers to content or activities that provide short-term satisfaction but have no long-term value or benefit. In the context of social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, mental junk food can include mindlessly scrolling through endless feeds, watching videos or shallow interactions that are not conducive to personal growth or meaningful connections.

Here are some characteristics of mental junk food in the context of social networks:

Short attention span, these platforms are designed to capture and hold users’ attention as long as possible. Content is often presented in short, easy-to-digest formats, such as short videos, images, or short text posts. This can lead to a reduced attention span and difficulty focusing on deeper or more complex tasks.

Instant Gratification Social networks are built around features that provide users with immediate feedback and rewards, such as likes, comments and shares. This instant gratification can be addictive and encourage users to seek more of it, leading to an overemphasis on validation and social approval.

FOMO which is the fear of missing out, social networks can create a sense of urgency and a constant need to keep up with the latest news, trends and gossip. This can lead to excessive use and an inability to disconnect from the platforms.

Comparison and Jealousy: Seeing curated and filtered versions of others’ lives can lead to feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem. This can be especially problematic when people start comparing themselves to others and feel pressure to maintain a perfect online image.

Information overload With so much content available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information. Consuming too much low-quality content can lead to mental fatigue and a reduced ability to focus on more important tasks or information.

To maintain balance, it is essential to limit consumption of mental junk food and engage in activities that promote personal growth, such as seeing nature as our ancestors did, reading books, learning new skills, having meaningful conversations, and cultivating real-life relationships. Also, setting boundaries around social media use, such as set time limits or specific hours of the day for checking these platforms, can help reduce the negative impact on mental well-being.

Indeed, with the increase in the consumption of mental junk food, we see a decrease in intellect in the US and, in my opinion, in the rest of the world.

Which is not natural to stay far away

The unnatural substances we are exposed to: flavorings, toothpastes, cleaning agents, face creams, perfumes, fabric softeners, hair products, makeup of all forms, pesticides, fertilizers and the like. It is difficult to predict how these substances affect our health, but according to the “law of processes” the chances are that they are harmful to us in ways we did not think of. A small example: Toothpastes contain substances that can cause severe stomach pains – the effect will be different for each person.

The natural ingredients but which are not good for us.

The way we move, stand, walk and sit. Progress bends us more and more and causes us to deviate from the way we were meant to move, etc. – by looking at the tribes that survived and live as small game hunters, you can understand how we were meant to walk, sit, etc.

The society in which we live (we adapt to life in a tribe or group, with all that implies, with mutual help and cooperation, things that modernization has almost completely eliminated).

Our mental hygiene (affected by the other sections and a lot by breathing, of course). HRV is an excellent measure of our mental hygiene. It can be measured by advanced watches.

Our margin of safety, which allows us to “digest” and “tolerate” things that are not good for us – the margin of safety is affected by age, genetics and how much we have worn it so far: the younger we are, the greater our margin of safety (alcohol is a great example: when you are young it is easier to drink a lot of it).

Sleeping Beauty does not snore

Our sleep can improve wonders. It is difficult to understand how the ancients slept, but it seems that they slept by lying on their backs and breathing through their noses only, when lying on their backs it is easiest to breathe through their noses, and there are ancient paintings that show that this is how they slept. Recommended reading: George Catlin – The Breath of Life. He documented Indians and painted them in 1860, from where you can learn how they breathed in nature and how they slept without modernization. The body and muscles are at rest when we are on our backs. Go to bed early and wake up early is a matter of habit. The ancients slept alternately without any fixed formula so don’t get excited if you get up several times a night, it’s completely natural. The ancients slept about seven hours a night and alternately, which means that there may be a few hours of wakefulness and then back to sleep. I sleep on a hard mattress and on my back, like the ancients, I noticed that this way I sleep the best and wake up with the most energy. It is important to sleep with nose breathing only, otherwise it causes many problems including sleep apnea and dental problems. If you are unable to breathe through your nose while you sleep, put silotape over your mouth while you sleep so after a few weeks you only breathe through your nose.

A study that showed that coffee consumption shortens sleep , science also shows that caffeine stimulates and so does logic, so it can be assumed with a fairly free thought that if you want to sleep better, stop drinking coffee. Caffeine is a lectin, a type of pest toxin, of the coffee tree so it damages the nervous system of insects and small pests.

Invert from Lagor – minimalism

Hoarding objects and materialism in general – this is the disease of the century and it is the result of buying unnecessary objects – children’s rooms are “exploded” with toys that have been used once, there is an excess of clothing, cosmetics, food, etc.It is recommended to get rid of things and not to hoard anything.

Health Care System.

If you know how to be healthy, why don’t you do it?

We are interesting creatures who just want to do what we did yesterday. We usually have to do the exact opposite of what we are used to, eat few carbohydrates and a lot of proteins and animal fat. To act contrary to what we thought, to walk is better than to run, to think freely and not fixed.

The preference for processed food is often a result of the initial taste, which can be more appealing than natural food due to added sugars, salt and fat. People might assume that this taste will stay the same, although studies show that our taste buds can adapt to new tastes within a few days.

In addition, many people simply do not know how to live healthy because they grew up with processed food as the norm. Each generation moves away from the natural way of eating, which makes it difficult to transition back to a healthier lifestyle.

The medical industry also plays a role in discouraging preventive health measures, as doctors are often trained to focus on treating disease with drugs and surgery rather than preventing it in the first place. This can create a culture where people expect to receive medication or surgery for their health problems, rather than adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Furthermore, processed foods are often the most profitable for companies to produce and market because they have a longer shelf life and require less investment in agriculture. This can make it difficult for people to access and afford natural, unprocessed food.

In conclusion, a variety of factors contribute to the challenge of making healthy changes, including initial taste preferences, lack of knowledge about healthy lifestyles, cultural norms, and profit-driven food production. However, with education, persistence and support, anyone can learn to appreciate the taste and benefits of natural, unprocessed foods and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Diabetes is a disease of dieticians and doctors

A friend of mine told me that she takes pills to lower her blood sugar. I asked her if the doctors suggested she change her diet? She replied that she was referred to a dietitian who told her that nothing should be changed in the diet. I asked my friend if her doctors recommended any dietary changes. She told me that she was referred to a dietician who advised her not to change her diet. This surprised me because type 2 diabetes, unlike type 1 diabetes, is often associated with poor nutrition and can be managed by a diet that reduces consumption of harmful substances, such as wheat products.

The increasing prevalence of type 1 diabetes worldwide suggests that it may be influenced by factors such as diet and environmental exposure, rather than being solely genetic. Although it cannot be cured due to the destruction of the pancreatic cells, it is worth considering that an inappropriate diet may also contribute to its development. Interestingly, type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease, and the Western diet is known to promote various autoimmune diseases by exposing people to unhealthy foods.

Back to the story, my mine consumes wheat products for both breakfast and dinner. I was amazed to hear that. Two aspects seemed counterintuitive: first, the doctor referred her to a dietitian when dietary guidelines were readily available; Second, the dietician does not provide her with a solution to manage her condition. Prescribing medication only addresses the symptoms, not the underlying problem. Both the doctor and the dietician failed to provide the necessary guidance, which could have negative consequences for my friend.

My girlfriend refuses to listen to my advice and relies solely on the recommendations of her doctors. On a diet rich in animal fats and proteins and without carbohydrates, the symptoms of type 2 diabetes can completely disappear within a few weeks. It is important to note that type 2 diabetes is never cured, because it is a product of poisoning, the only way is to stop poisoning the body with an incompatible diet. While everyone makes mistakes, it is unfortunate that some health care professionals mistakenly condemn people to a life of suffering. As an example, my friend’s son suffers from the same condition and faces a similar fate due to insufficient guidance.

And yes, everyone is wrong, diabetes and probably juvenile diabetes is not a genetic disease but a disease that results from a diet that is not adapted to humans, the genetic part is how tolerant the person is to the continuous poisoning of the diet that is not adapted to him. Just like the weight regulation mechanism is damaged with the continuous poisoning, so our sugar regulation mechanism is damaged. Both are reversible after a few months of eating food that is compatible with humans.

I am neither a doctor nor a dietitian, but I honestly think that they have a large part in the spread of the disease, and I say to their credit that I hope they just don’t know, but ignorance does not excuse responsibility.

Argue like dancers and not like donkeys

ReThink – as Israelis we argue a considerable part of the time, give yourselves a chance to change your mind on everything. Try to conduct an argument like a dance and not like a war. You must approach the debate with humility and show the other side that there are issues in which you agree with him. One should concentrate on a number of individual issues and of course not give the feeling that we want to control or convince the other. The only one who will succeed in convincing the other side is himself. Ask the other party how they came to this conclusion or way of life. Try to be convinced every now and then – because if you never change your mind – you have a problem. Don’t be a logic bully and have a scientific and non-emotional debate.

Repressing is good

Ignoring and forgetting makes much more sense than digging in wounds, in ancient times traumas and unpleasant events were repressed and not dug into like the new psychology. They wouldn’t make a crazy drama out of every bad thing that happened to people. It’s a lot about what is socially acceptable and not really what should be done. It seems logical that it is better to repress and not dig into the past but only learn from it. We have a natural mechanism to forget the past and move on. In births it works well.

Why don’t football players go bald?

About 50% of men over the age of 50, while about 50% of women over the age of 65 suffer from female pattern baldness. There are ways that will be written later to reduce the likelihood of hair loss.It is interesting to note that it seems that professional basketball and football players and in general athletes from athletic professions, as well as some tribes such as the Maasai and the South American tribes, are less likely to experience baldness than the general population at their age, pay attention to the wise I am comparing the same age. Therefore, we need to exercise free thought and try to understand the reason for this and contain it on ourselves. Baldness rightly indicates a health problem and is therefore seen as something unattractive. It’s part of our evolution to want to choose a healthy mate that we can pass our genes on to.

One of the possible explanations for the baldness phenomenon is that the hair follicles require sufficient blood flow to maintain their health. During strenuous physical activity, blood flow to the face increases, which may provide the hair follicles with the necessary nutrients and oxygen. Therefore, it is recommended for those experiencing hair loss to engage in vigorous sports for at least an hour a day, four times a week, until their face turns red, which also means that the scalp receives an increased dose of blood.

With free thinking, you understand that you can pump blood into the hair simply by doing a daily head massage, it pumps blood into the hair follicles just like physical activity. There are genetics in baldness, this is clear, but it is likely that, as with gluten, there are genetics that help avoid the toxin, those who do not eat gluten do not need these genetics. In baldness in the same way genetics help when there is no blood flow and proper nutrition, when there is no need for the help of genetics. And so the answer to the question “So how is Zidane cold?” is that he probably has genetics that do not cope well with a lack of nutrition and blood to the scalp.

In some cases, the cause of hair loss may be related to diet rather than blood flow. Women, in particular, may experience hair loss due to nutritional deficiencies. Therefore, it is essential to adhere to a diet that includes fish, meat and fruits, which provide essential nutrients that may be lacking in a vegetarian diet. Also, it is recommended to avoid sweet foods and especially breads and processed food that prevent the absorption of minerals that may damage the hair. The body has a mechanism for routing minerals from the less important places to the more important places such as the brain and muscles, so when we have a lack of minerals the first places to “hijack” are the teeth, hair and bones in places that are not critical for survival in the short term.

I’ve seen studies and also in health funds it says that the hormones cause baldness, it’s possible but it’s probably the symptom, because a poor diet affects the hormones. And this is precisely a free thought to go up a level, from the level of the symptom to the level of the problem.

A nice way to show that there is a good chance that blood transfusion and nutrition can stop baldness, is to see that drugs that cause food shortages or reduce blood circulation cause a side effect of baldness, and indeed this is the case; Some medications used to treat high blood pressure, such as beta blockers, can lead to thinning hair or hair loss as a side effect. The exact reasons for this can vary depending on the specific drug, but several mechanisms are possible:

Nutrient deficiencies: Certain diuretic medications can cause the body to lose essential minerals and vitamins, such as zinc, potassium and biotin, which are important for maintaining healthy hair. Lack of these nutrients can contribute to hair loss.

Reduced blood flow to hair follicles: Certain blood pressure medications, especially beta blockers, can reduce blood flow to certain areas of the body, including the scalp. This reduced blood flow can weaken the hair follicles, making them more susceptible to damage and hair loss.

Let’s restore free thought. We have observed with our own eyes that athletes go bald less than their peers. They pump more blood to the head than normal people, so we assume that’s the point. We know that drugs that block blood and nutrition can cause hair loss so this adds another possibility. We also know that people’s problems are often not genetic and more the activity of the person and the environment. There is also a feeling that inactive people are more prone to baldness. The explanation that some are balding is not rooted in genetics either, but the explanation that it is genetics that helps when you don’t eat right and there is no blood flow in physical activity and not genetics that helps when you do everything right.

So it’s worth betting that the three components are important for healthy hair: a free diet, sports that end with a red face, and a daily scalp massage. All three together will probably reduce or prevent baldness. This of course seemed plausible when I exercised free thought with the information and science above. There is a low chance that this is not true, but it worked for my father all these years and I hope it will work for you.

Who will gain and who will lose from our health

As a small part of the world unfortunately progresses more and more towards a conscious and sustainable life, it becomes clear that a collective transition to optimal health can yield benefits for different sectors of society, and conversely, cause a loss for others. Understanding these benefits and losses can paint a clear picture of how our well-being affects diverse aspects of society and the economy.

First, the most obvious beneficiaries of our health are us, the individuals. If we take the example of an Israeli citizen, maintaining excellent health can lead to a more active and fulfilling lifestyle, reduced medical expenses and a greater ability to contribute positively to society.

Another notable beneficiary is the organic farming sector. As more people adopt a healthier lifestyle, the demand for chemical-free organic produce increases. This trend provides a significant economic boost to organic farmers dedicated to producing food in harmony with nature. It also fosters healthier ecosystems and improves the biodiversity of our planet.

The trend towards a healthier life also has a positive effect on animal breeders who choose natural and organic methods. This approach means that animals can grow in a natural environment, thus promoting better animal welfare. Similarly, the planet also benefits, as a healthier lifestyle often coincides with more sustainable practices aimed at preserving our planet.

Moreover, companies that produce health-focused products or services can flourish, especially if encouraged by the government through incentives and subsidies. They can innovate, grow and contribute to a healthier society, thus creating a positive feedback loop.

On the other hand, the shift towards improving health can have a negative impact on sectors that do not align with this paradigm.For example, pharmaceutical companies may experience a decrease in demand for certain drugs if people manage to maintain their health through preventive measures and lifestyle changes.

Also, companies that produce processed food, such as Strauss, Tnuva and Asem, may face challenges due to reduced consumption of their products. People may choose fresh and organic food instead of processed items, which affects the business of these companies.

Industries that rely on non-conventional methods of raising animals, such as dairy farms, chicken coops, fishponds and meat plants, may also experience a decline. Similarly, large food chains like Shufersal could see sales decline as customers may prefer local and organic produce over mass-produced items.

Vegetable, leafy, root and seed farmers could also feel the impact if people start to reduce their consumption of these products in favor of a higher protein diet. Moreover, companies that make meat substitutes such as Tivol and Beyond Meat may face reduced demand if people choose natural sources of protein.

Healthcare professionals, insurance companies and medical equipment companies could also be affected, as healthier populations would theoretically require less frequent medical intervention. Finally, supplement companies may see less demand for their products as people obtain needed nutrients directly from their diets.

Natural medicine is not food

It is recommended to eat them only in a problem situation and not on a regular basis.

Natural medicine is different from food, as it is often consumed specifically to treat health problems rather than general food. Research evidence supports this distinction:

Lemon Although the sour taste of lemon can be an indication of its strong effects, it is not recommended to consume it regularly in large quantities. According to a study by Penniston et al. (2008), excessive consumption of lemon juice may contribute to the development of kidney stones.

Honey: Research has shown that honey has natural healing properties. For example, a study by Al-Waili et al. (2011) proved that honey is effective in treating wounds and reducing cough symptoms.

Garlic has been used as a natural remedy for various ailments, including stomach aches, colds and flu. A review by Bayan et al. (2014) highlights the antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties of garlic, which can be beneficial in the treatment of these conditions. A popular remedy for sore throats includes mixing honey with crushed garlic with hot chilies, eat once every few hours, this can provide symptom relief as well as expel pus from the throat within a day.

Lemon juice has been found to be effective in treating digestive system problems. A study by Oussalah et al. (2007) showed that the bioactive compounds in lemon juice can help improve digestion and ease stomach problems. However, it should be consumed in moderation to avoid possible side effects.

The equalizer of human nature

Think of people features like a sound equalizer. Everyone is born with a special combination of traits that make up who they are. Each trait has a value, and the balance between these values creates our personality.

Imagine being born from 1 to 10 in any of these: inner happiness 7, enthusiasm 9, curiosity 3, inner peace 5, autistic 3, sociability 4, loss of control in extreme situations 2. These are just numbers to illustrate how nature probably works. Autism probably breaks down into dozens more such numbers, some of which are good and some of which are less good. In every environment other numbers give survival, today no longer because there is no evolution but in past times. My wife read it and said there is no punch but there is punch and like anything in free thought we want to profit from it. The punchline is that labeling someone as 1 or 0 is problematic, and there aren’t really just bad traits like autism.

Autism can also be seen as an equalizer feature, representing a variation in the balance of cognitive, social and emotional characteristics. It is important to note that autism is a spectrum disorder, meaning that there is a wide range of severity and symptoms experienced by people with ASD. However, the equalizer analogy suggests that everyone has some degree of autism-related traits, albeit to varying degrees.

Similarly, other traits such as aggression or hot temper can be viewed through the lens of the equalizer analogy. Each person has a certain level of these qualities, which can be beneficial or harmful depending on their strength and context. For example, moderate levels of aggression may be useful in competitive environments, but may lead to interpersonal conflicts if excessively pronounced.

When someone is born with too much of an aggressive instinct, he can be a murderer, if someone is born with too much of a sexual instinct, he can be a rapist.

Nature’s way of adapting man to the changing environment is precisely by this equalizer idea. It is impossible to know exactly how to direct it to suit the environment, therefore everyone is born with different numbers.

The comparison to gluten sensitivity is another way to illustrate this concept. Many people can consume gluten without noticeable adverse effects, while others experience varying levels of sensitivity, and a small percentage suffer severe symptoms due to conditions such as celiac disease.

One example of research supporting this idea is the Broad Autism Phenotype (BAP) study. The BAP refers to subclinical features or characteristics associated with autism that can be found in relatives of individuals with ASD. This suggests that autism-related traits exist on a continuum in the general population, and only when these traits reach a certain threshold do they result in a clinical diagnosis of ASD.

The equalizer analogy can be a helpful way to understand the diversity and complexity of human traits, including those related to autism, aggression, or temperament. By appreciating that everyone has a unique balance of traits, we can promote a more inclusive and understanding society.

I saw a dream

Glasses is genetic or environmental

Just like the other things we’ve seen, the genes help when we’re working against what we’ve been built for. We are not built to look at things closely all the time. We hunted, traveled, built and fought and all these things were seen by humans from afar. Being in front of a screen 8 hours a day is something new to the eye, and investing in companies for glasses and lenses is smart because of that.

Glasses are annoying rockets

I started wearing glasses for long term vision at the age of 42.At the age of 43, I had laser surgery to remove glasses, the truth is an amazing success. It’s not just the appearance, it also interferes with the field of vision, maybe because I started wearing glasses at the age of 42. But I had to exercise free thought to solve and understand it. I was wearing reading glasses before the operation because it was more comfortable for me to read that way.

don’t want glasses

It’s worth doing as much as you changed what you used to do, look a lot at distant and green nature and less at screens. A free diet is really important for healthy vision, and therefore there are many vision diseases that result from a lack of vitamins and minerals, and on the other hand, free illustration concludes that vitamins and minerals are just as important for good vision as natural vision, which is looking at nature.

Do reading glasses prevent near vision deterioration?

Here is the question, which is one of the tools of free thought , which helps us aim for free thinking.

When you wear nearsighted glasses, the lenses in the glasses bend the light to focus on the retina, even though the eye is not focusing properly. This means that the converging and ciliary muscles do not need to contract as much to focus on near objects. This can help reduce eye strain and fatigue.

Wearing glasses can help slow the progression of myopia in children. A study published in the journal Ophthalmology found that children who wore glasses were less likely to experience worsening of their nearsightedness over a two-year period than children who did not wear glasses.

The study authors believe that wearing glasses may help slow the progression of myopia by reducing the amount of time children spend focusing on near objects. When children focus on near objects, their eyes have to work harder to bend the light to focus on the retina. This can put pressure on the eyes and may contribute to the progression of myopia.

A revolution in the healthcare system

The health system today

The modern medical system demonstrates excellence in emergency and life-saving medicine, such as trauma care, ophthalmology and audiology. For example, advances in trauma surgery and rapid response teams have significantly improved the survival rates of critically ill patients.

However, there are certain deficiencies in the current healthcare system. One such issue is the disconnect between the private and public healthcare sectors. This lack of communication and cooperation may lead to fragmented treatment, as can be seen when a patient moves from a private doctor to a public hospital for treatment and his medical records are not shared in time.

In some cases, the medical system may not make enough use of data related to patients, recovery, and other vital aspects. For example, healthcare providers may not have access to a central database to review a patient’s medical history, which can result in uninformed decisions and less effective treatment.

The current medical system also tends to prioritize drug treatments for different conditions. For example, patients with chronic pain may be prescribed opioids instead of exploring alternative treatments, such as physical therapy or lifestyle changes, that can provide long-term relief and improve quality of life.

Moreover, the healthcare system emphasizes longevity over quality of life. For example, aggressive treatments such as chemotherapy may be given to terminal cancer patients, prolonging their lives but not necessarily improving their well-being or comfort during their remaining time.

Finally, the medical system is decentralized and decentralized, with different providers and institutions operating independently. This can make it difficult for patients to navigate the healthcare landscape and receive coordinated care. For example, a patient may need to visit multiple specialists for a single problem, leading to a disjointed and time-consuming experience.

A measure I can improve

In general, before you start, you need an index that I can improve and know that I have improved, otherwise I can bluff you citizens. A good starting index to get and it is really easy to calculate from a sample is a BMI check of the residents by the residents themselves and their report to the application of the Ministry of Health, of course in exchange for some kind of incentive. Then there is an index by height, weight and age representing the population.

Throw the oil, flour, sugar as far as possible

After there is an index of the health of the residents, which at the beginning is very basic, I would concentrate on what will improve the health of the residents the most, and that is their diet. The first thing is to reduce consumption of oil products, wheat flour, and sugar in short “shakes”. This is not an easy task when shax is the main food of a large part of the population.

I would start with a tax credit for those with a normal bmi index and explain how to get to it.

At the same time, red warning labels were added to products containing sex.

A tax increase for Shax products and an incentive for baking leavened teff breads and goat products.

In the first stage when no one trusts me it will have a good effect on the bmi of the population.

The cost of medicine per person in Israel

In order to know where I stand in the Ministry of Health, I would like to know how much each person in Israel spends today on public and private health and various health devices.

My goal is actually to reduce the cost of health for each person and at the same time increase their health.

Doctors understand nutrition

Treatment of problems and not symptoms, all doctors should understand proper nutrition and movement and only after offering invasive treatment and medication, this is exactly preventive medicine. It is basically putting an emphasis on disease prevention rather than disease treatment. Disease prevention is possible through proper nutrition, the most essential for health, as well as proper movement that has been damaged due to modernization. In my opinion, there are no drugs and there will be no drugs that can replace the above.

Tax benefit for a business if the restaurant does not have oil, sugar and wheat flour

To give business companies incentives and an interest in helping people to be healthy, for example: reducing income tax by 1% in restaurants where there is no sugar and oil.

food standards

Implement regulation and enforcement on food standards and other things on our health.

Escalation, talk to a medical advisor before a doctor

Doctors are very busy and usually you can filter the contact with them, just like you do in customer service, it takes time to reach the manager. First a general consultation with a “health expert” who does not have to be a doctor, he understands how the process works and sometimes it can be solved without a doctor.You can define exactly what a doctor requires and what requires an examination or just rest.

Monitoring the performance of doctors

Quarterly monitoring of doctors’ performance according to the health indicators of the people who treated them. Each treatment will be reported to the Ministry of Health to obtain metrics on the performance of patient treatment. The eclipsed will of course report the improvement or deterioration in their relevant feeling.

activate the private market for tests

To use as much as possible in the private market such as for tests and photographs, MRI, etc.

Application of the Ministry of Health

Full digitalization of the entire health system. One system that will be used by all the hospitals in the country.

Tests and recommendations for the entire population once a year

When the entire population is tested once a year, we will know where we need to improve and what does work. Check for mineral and vitamin deficiencies at a systemic and regular level.

An orderly grocery list for private health insurance

put health insurance in order and implement regulation. Create a kind of grocery list. These measures will make it harder for the companies to hit the insured.

Why most doctors do not improve

Without feedback there is no improvement, this is a known rule in training. Of course, the main problem is that doctors don’t understand nutrition, and nutrition affects our health the most, yes it’s ridiculous. But let’s ignore it for now, in the health system there is no monitoring of patients and their results, because this stresses the medical system, not only in Israel but all over the world, it prevents the doctors from receiving feedback. Most doctors after a certain stage do not have a teacher to guide them on how to move forward. Therefore, most doctors reach their maximum capacity after a few years and get stuck there, and then there is a deterioration caused by attrition. That’s what studies on the subject show.

Dave Davis is known for his research on the impact of continuing medical education (CME). In a study titled “The Impact of Formal Continuing Medical Education: Do Conferences, Workshops, Rounds, and Other Traditional Continuing Education Activities Change Physician Behavior or Medical Care Outcomes?” (JAMA, 1999), Davis and colleagues conducted a systematic review of the effectiveness of CME activities.

Interactive workshops were found to be effective compared to traditional lectures and conferences that contributed nothing to improving the doctor’s service. In addition, CME programs that focused on outcomes and included practice-oriented activities were more likely to lead to improvements in patient care.

And the results are not surprising, because in the lecture there is no feedback and in the interaction there is. It is impossible to learn to play golf by watching golf on YouTube.

The study came to the conclusion that lectures and seminars of various kinds for doctors have no effect on the patients. More emphasis should be placed on designing interactive, practice-oriented programs to maximize their impact on physician performance and patient outcomes.

I am sure that the percentage of doctors who are constantly improving and looking for new methods are like poker players profiting between 5%-10%, just like day traders profit.

Do not trust the Ministry of Health or doctors without realizing for yourself that what they say is true from other sources and from free thought. The Ministry of Health and doctors do not say anything new for years, this proves that the Ministry of Health is not functioning or is afraid to function or in the worst case does not know how to function.

For back, neck, knees there is one solution that treats the problem

We have stopped moving the way our body is supposed to move and our posture does not match the correct form we have built over millions of years of evolution. A change in posture in movement as well as in sitting will bring about a dramatic change within a few days. Correct movement is the only way that treats the source of the problem, as long as the situation is not really serious. A spine surgeon talks about the way to treat the problem and not the symptom.

There is only one way to know the right way to move and to maintain a correct posture, and that is simply to see how people who have not had the opportunity to modernize stand, run, sit and walk.

The poop test

The best test to know if you are eating right is the condition of your poop. Although it’s not so pleasant to talk about it and you won’t find it anywhere, but it is the most accurate test in the world and that’s why I make an effort and write about it even though it’s not the most pleasant thing to write about. You should poop once a day or two, it should be relatively hard, long and uniform and not soft. No gas almost during the day. The right way is to kneel down like the ancients did. The event should end within 30 seconds, any other form except overwhelming is unnatural to us and can cause many problems. An explanatory video about the kneeling position .

Like the ancients who knelt “in their toilets”, this is probably the natural and correct way. This prevents many problems according to research on the subject .

If this is not the case with you, you are not eating right and it is probably not a genetic or bacterial problem. Read about a free diet and apply it, then do the poop test. From the moment the food comes in until it comes out, it takes between 24 and 48 hours and sometimes more.

Do nutritional supplements add to me?

Living organisms strive for homeostasis, meaning maintaining certain parameters within a narrow range.For example, warm-blooded animals must maintain their internal temperatures within a narrow range to function properly. Attempting to treat depression by interfering with the ability of nerve synapses to clear serotonin, believing it to be caused by low serotonin levels, can lead to neural adaptations that create long-term dependence on drugs like SSRIs. These adjustments may worsen depression for a long time after stopping the medication.

Nutritional interactions can also be extremely complex. Adding another nutrient that you believe you need, whether through pills or targeted food intake, can sometimes cause additional problems. For example, trying to correct oxidative stress by taking antioxidants such as vitamin E and beta carotene may seem like a good idea, but clinical trials have shown that giving these to smokers has produced poor results. These antioxidants did not reduce lung cancer or deaths and may even have slightly increased them. This may be because oxidation is a necessary process that the body uses to direct many things, including tissue repair. In other studies, taking high doses of vitamin C to interfere with this process has been shown to prevent muscle recovery and growth after exercise.

Even food sources of nutrients can be problematic. A few years ago I met a man who suffered from numbness, difficulty walking, forgetfulness and tremors, all of which were severe neurological symptoms. His neurologists were confused, and his symptoms rapidly worsened. They considered invasive treatments when he discovered the problem. He consumed Brazil nuts daily as a source of selenium, which he believed was lacking in his diet. In a casual conversation, it turned out that selenium toxicity was the likely cause. When he stopped eating them, his symptoms disappeared, and he made a full recovery.

Trying to manually assemble a complex set of interacting components can sometimes be disastrous. Fortunately, it’s unlikely that we need to target our nutritional needs with laser precision. If we had to use our prefrontal cortex to make our bodies work, we probably wouldn’t have gotten this far. Sometimes medicine is required, and so are nutritional supplements! However, in the absence of injury, infection, or unusual nutritional depletion, your body can likely handle some fluctuations in the environment. On the other hand, if you have a health problem that doesn’t resolve itself, you may have a chronic injury, infection, or other condition that depletes nutrients. In this scenario, identifying the underlying problem will be more effective than assuming you’re broken.

The chemistry of weight loss

So incomprehensible in today’s world that most people confuse cause and effect. We are taught that weight is the result of a delicate balance between voluntary energy consumption and voluntary energy expenditure. As it turns out, eating less and moving more does not fix obesity, because obesity is the result of biochemical energy regulation signals that tell the body to store more fat and not use it for energy, regardless of how much energy is coming in and how. A lot that the body can technically save. If your diet doesn’t affect these signals in the right way, your weight loss efforts won’t work at all or will only work temporarily. Our weight is determined by how much our weight regulation mechanism is damaged just like in diabetes it is determined by how much our sugar regulation mechanism is damaged.

Because typical fat loss diets do not address energy regulation signals, they are temporary by design, and inherently unsustainable. They cannot exist because as long as the signals insist on storing fat, the dieter will fight against stronger and stronger urges to eat more and move less, in the form of raging hunger and exhaustion. The more diligently he applies his will, the more harmful it is to his body. From the body’s point of view, he is malnourished and hungry even if he is 100 kilos overweight.

So when someone who is very familiar with how typical “calorie control” diets work (or don’t work, as it is) makes the educated guess that ketogenic diets can’t work any better than other diets, it’s because they recognize that fat loss diets they know are stressful and not girly sustainable, and it is assumed that this also applies to ketogenic diets.

If you remember from the description of a ketogenic diet above, one of the signals it affects is insulin. Low enough insulin is critical to releasing fat from adipose tissue. Ketogenic diets cause the extraction of excess fat as a side effect. When your bloodstream is flowing with fatty acids that feed all your cells, you don’t feel hungry and you don’t feel tired, because unlike energy restriction diets, you have access to energy. So it’s totally sustainable.

But it gets even better! The amount of fat released at a given insulin level is proportional to the amount of fat you have. This means that the leaner you are, the slower fat will come off your body, and the more hungry you will be for enough food to offset what your fat stores can’t supply. Think of the consequences of that! A ketogenic diet will not make you lose fat indefinitely, but lose fat until your fat stores are too low to provide you with more energy than you take in. And all of this is communicated through signals that culminate in appropriate hunger.

If there is nothing else interfering with these energy regulating signals then a ketogenic diet is a complete solution to obesity that doesn’t require willpower or fighting your body. For many that was all that was needed. For some, it’s a big “if”.

Cows eat grass, gorillas eat leaves, lions eat antelopes, and humans eat carbohydrates.

Maybe it’s not so much of a mystery why humans are the only chronically ill animal (besides those we domesticate). Wild animals are not prone to obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, allergies, IBS, autoimmune disease, heart disease or cancer. For humans (and the animals we domesticate) these are commonplace.

Over the millions of years of human evolution we had little exposure to high carb meals and no exposure to today’s super high sugar diets. However, we wonder what is to blame for our declining health.

function improvement

  • Thinking – reading and listening to theoretical books.Economics newspapers.
  • Neck – activating the neck in all directions every day, especially up because it is the opposite direction to being on the computer.
  • Knees – Japanese sitting and tilting the body to both sides.
  • Sitting – sitting upright.
  • Voice – voice development is a matter of training and not genes. It is recommended to read this book . It’s all a matter of training to speak correctly and clearly and of course to sing correctly. The importance is of course in the speech. An interview about the correct use of the voice .
  • running
  • Joints in general – move and stretch all joints every day.
  • Stomach – eat a free diet.
  • Evidence – don’t play mobile up close only from a distance. to see sun and green.
  • Organize and clean around you, at home or wherever you are. Cleanliness and order affect you and your thinking!
  • Take care of your vision – avoid looking at screens closely, especially when watching or playing.
  • Joint problems are usually caused by an improper diet as well as incorrect walking, standing or running (insoles and the like do not solve the problem, they just move it to another joint). Exercise all the joints in the body every day. by any method.
  • Taking antibiotics harms us over many years and causes effects that arrive late. Medicine does not link them to her, and especially to problems with intestinal bacteria. Stay away from non-life saving drugs, medicines and doctors. On the other hand, trauma medicine (injuries, recoveries, etc.), cardiology, oncology and surgical operations are helpful and improve the quality of life. A cold shower is good for us compared to a hot shower which is very likely to harm us.
  • There are many types of cholesterol. The terms “high cholesterol” or “low” do not mean much and do not predict a heart attack.
  • Detergents and the other artificial substances that most of you use (dishwasher tablets, bleach and floor cleaners, pesticides, etc.) find their way into the food you eat. The consumption of these substances is paid for in health.
  • Dealing correctly with the corona (important for the next deal).

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